Sunday, May 10, 2009


After abandoning Kai-Mei from Cookie A's Sock Innovation, it seemed to me that this Cadenza wool/silk blend yarn would be perfect for the Rick pattern instead. Not sure if you can make it out in the photo, but lines of twisted rib stitches travel down and around the leg and then across the foot. The pattern is so striking in tone on tone red, that it seemed like destiny. I had to go for it. After knitting halfway down the leg of the first sock, I can tell you that it's not as complicated as I thought - at least, not so far. Oh, I have to keep an eye on what I'm doing. And it's probably best that I put it aside on a Saturday night when Gavin pours a second Rum and Coke. And just concentrate on Sidney Crosby instead. Because this is definitely not suitable for mindless or distracted knitting.

There was a little crisis in confidence when I turned the page to see the charts for the top of the foot - 32 stitch pattern across 57 rounds. Lots of focus and attention needed, but I think I'm up to it. The pattern is just incredible. I can't believe I'm knitting it! And that it's turning out just like the picture!

A local paper reports that a pair of bald eagles have started a nest a short distance from where we scattered my Mom's ashes just a few weeks ago. It's nice to think that Mom's spirit is soaring with the eagles. Happy Mother's Day.

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Susan said...

Great job! I just got the book and can't wait to start one of them.