Friday, May 1, 2009


Clara's little sundress is finished - ends woven in and being blocked. Photos to follow in the next day or two. So what's next? For a few weeks now I've been hankering after Sock Innovation by Cookie A. And when Gilraen featured a photo of her Kai-Mei socks on her blog, I knew I had to have it. Emergency trip to the bookstore after work yesterday!

My first thought was to knit this pattern with the Natural Dye Marigold Yellow Merino that I purchased from Indigo Moon Yarns last weekend. Because a yarn that special deserves a very special pattern. But, after sleeping on it, I decided to try it instead with a Kaffe Fasset colourway from Regia. The leg is entirely K3P3 rib, so a busier yarn might be a better choice. At the SpinRite Factory outlet sale last spring Mom bought a couple balls of this yarn - she couldn't resist the mix of teal, purple, grey and olive of Mirage Fog. But Mom wasn't a sock knitter, so the yarn sat unknit in her stash. Until now.

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Susan said...

I have got to get that book! I've been seeing all the patterns around and there isn't one that I don't like.