Saturday, May 9, 2009


Done, blocked, dried and folded. I love it. The colours are really pretty, and the pattern is very striking now that it has been blocked. This yarn is a dream to knit, with lovely transitions between the colours. And not a single knot or break.

The finished blanket is 30 x 32". There's a raging debate as to what size a baby blanket should be. Some suggest the blanket be big enough for use as a bed cover as the child grows. But others say smaller is better - better for swaddling, for covering a car seat, particularly for infants. That makes sense to me, so I think 30 x 32" is great. Wouldn't a big blanket be too bulky and drag on the floor?

Clara's sundress is also finished - although the "finishedness" is a bit provisional. The dress is better with the embroidered flowers than without, but I'm still not keen on the flowers as they are now. My plan? Bring them to my friend Jane, and recruit her to redo them! She's much better at this sort of thing than I am. Note to self: Avoid patterns requiring embroidery in future.

Next? I really should be weaving in the ends of my Taiga sweater, but some how or another I cast on a sock last night. Maybe I can make a deal with myself? Weave in one end for every 4 round pattern repeat I knit.


suse-the-slow-knitta said...

I love the blankie! I like the dress as it is too-your embroidered flowers are better than mine

MagicalJane said...

Making deals with yourself now huh? A trick I am all too familiar with. But a trick, nonetheless, that works.

Maybe we'll try the flowers in embroidery silk? I got a good chuckle from your plan. The blanket and the dress both look gorgeous.