Sunday, May 3, 2009

the beginnings of a blanket

I've completed a swatch for my Chalice Baby Blanket. Okay, okay, not so much a swatch but the first 30 rows, after which I decided to start again on slightly larger needles, with 2 more pattern repeats. The pattern is written for a smallish blanket - approx. 24 x 36" - but I'd like to go a bit bigger, maybe 32 x 32". That strikes me as a good "swaddling" size.

Oddly, I'm not frustrated by starting over on this one - I can see how lovely it's going to be with this hand-dyed wool from Dream In Color. Once finished, the blanket's headed to Ottawa for the Warm Hands Network's September shipment. They put the call out for baby's blankets, and I couldn't wait to cast on!

And the little sundress for Clara has been blocked. Silly me, I thought I could embroider a bunch of flowers in no time flat, and then set it up for a photo. But then my OCD set in. My first attempt was with a single strand of Louisa Harding Mulberry silk in white. Didn't like that - too thin and straggly looking. But double stranding makes it trickier to keep the petals even, untwisted and nicely rounded. I also tried a flower in a second contrasting colour. Didn't like that either - looked out of place and mismatched. I've finally got the flowering making method down now, just need to make lots more. The first few flowers have taken almost an hour, so there won't be anything quick about this. Hmmm, maybe tomorrow I'll have a photo showing it finished.


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

the blanket will be gorgeous- and very much appreciated

Magical Jane said...

I love that wool for the blanket. Gorgeous.

For next time with your flower embroidery - what about this... What if.. you took a single strand and then crocheted it in chain stitch. Then you embroidered that into flowers. It would give you the substance without the separation of 2 strands. And may, in face, be easier.

I'm not sure if I'm explaining it well so I'll show you what I mean next time I see you.