Sunday, July 27, 2008

getting ahead of myself

I signed on to Team Canada 08 for the Ravelympics - my event, the Bag-N-Tote backstroke. The rules seem simple enough - cast on during the Beijing Opening Ceremonies, finish on or before the Closing Ceremonies.

For the Ravelympics, I've chosen the pattern BYOB (bring your own bag) by Moira Ravenscroft shown at Not too hard. No complicated lace or cable patterns. Not much changing back and forth of colours. And, if it turns out well, I could see myself doing more.

While at the yarn stores I had to pick up something for this new project, didn't I? Oh yes - an Organic Pima Cotton/Silk blend from Misti Cotton. Mmmmmm ..... cotton and silk. So now I really must finish my Breeze socks before August 8th. But that's okay, I work well with deadlines. Really, I do.

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