Saturday, July 19, 2008

One Step forward ... two steps back

I couldn't resist... I signed up for a Knit-Along, "First Time SockKnitters". And now I'm feeling faintly panicked.

With much enthusiasm, I downloaded and printed the pattern for the current Knit-Along project - Breeze by Jennifer L. Appleby featured on (link at left). Then I rushed to the local yarn store for yarn. And that's where the trouble started. I looked at the recommended yarn, decided against that, and substituted something else, something I liked better. Uh oh. I hope I don't regret this little foray off the path.

For the first time in my knitting career, I knitted a gauge swatch - 28 stitches/ 43 rounds stockinette. The pattern gauge works out to 7 stitches per inch across the needles, but mine was 6.6 stitches per inch. Uh oh. So today's task is to find a set of smaller needles and try another swatch.

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