Sunday, January 31, 2016

Year of Projects 5: Week 31

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FINALLY! Finally, I got back to working on my Clandestine socks! I put these aside at the beginning of November with sock one done and sock two halfway down the leg.

And then never got back to them...

... until now. Fortunately I had the good sense to mark my last round worked on the charts with highlight tape, so finding my place wasn't too difficult. And now that I'm back working on them, I'm kicking myself for putting them aside. This pattern knits up really quickly!! Just two and half more repeats plus the toe to go. They'll be off the needles tomorrow, I'd think.

My first Thelonius sock got no love last week. Once I finish the aforementioned Clandestine socks I plan to knit monogamously on these, if only to get them off the needles and move on. The yarn base has disappointed (it's very scratchy), the gradient has disappointed (it's very subtle and about to become very abrupt) and the pattern isn't doing much for me either. But I'd like to finish them so I can move on to other things.

Early last week  I received an email notification from the public library indicating that my hold on the eBook Op-Art Socks by Stephanie van der Linden had become available. My thought was to be thrifty and borrow the book from the library for the 2 or 3 patterns I wanted to knit. But no sooner did I start flipping pages on my iPad when I realized that the eBook format wasn't ideal in this instance. I found it annoying to flip back and forth between written instructions and charts in an eBook and it was a challenge to get the pages sized on the iPad to get the charts and legends all on one page. So, armed with the Chapters Gift Card I got for Christmas from my brother Mark, I went out and bought the book (or should I say, the "book-book"?). Much better! Now I can hardly wait to cast on Ludwig just as soon as I get those other socks off the needles.

Also, thanks for all the sweet comments about the peppermint twist stitch markers. They're awesome aren't they? Those fabulous stitch markers were a gift from Frieda at RestlessNeedles and I've been the envy of everyone in my knitting group every since.


Becki said...

The Clandestine Socks are just beautiful. And that Op-Art Sock book looks fascinating. What fun sock designs it must hold - just seeing the one pictured on your blog and another in the link!

Anonymous said...

Clandestine is beautiful!

Marsha said...

Your Clandestine socks are so pretty. Your pattern picked in your new book is fasinating.

Ruth said...

I'd forgotten about your Clandestine socks, they are really gorgeous looking, I'm looking forward to seeing those complete and I really love the look of the Ludwig socks and with the two colours you've picked I think they'll look great, I can't wait to see those worked up.

Frieda said...

I just love your Clandestine socks , they will be beautiful . Can't wait to see the Ludwig socks , the pattern looks awesome!

Lucy Bowen said...

Mmm Clandestine are gorgeous and Ludwig looks fabulous, can't wait for you to start on those. Your yarn looks delicious as well!