Sunday, January 10, 2016

Year of Projects 5: Week 28

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Not surprisingly, Monkey Socks are done. The pattern is easily memorized and it's easy to read your knitting to see where you left off, so it's a nice mindless knit. As mentioned I worked the YOs through the back loop to close up the holes, and I like the result. This Sprout sock yarn from The Fiber Seed comes in a 480 yard skein so there was tons of yardage to make a longer cuff and leg without worrying about running short at the foot. And look how beautifully the "short-striping" colourway knits up without any pooling. Lovely, lovely yarn!

But I forgot to mention another FO from the last several weeks. I finished Gavin's socks - knit from FameTrend yarn that he picked out at Knit N Stitch in Cocoa Village  FL. He asked after them every single day until I finished them, so I felt some pressure to knit them monogamously until they were done. What's really surprising is that he wears them! He's not the sock-wearing type ... but he does like these ones.  I didn't really enjoy knitting with this yarn - it's splitty, fuzzy, pill-y and unevenly textured - but the resulting socks are super soft and comfortable. And Gavin really likes them which is entirely the point.

Gavin and I snuck away on a road trip to Savannah GA over Christmas and New Years. We were very fortunate with the weather, which was perfect for driving and perfect for sight-seeing. Historic downtown Savannah was really lovely. I picked up a skein of souvenir yarn at Unwind Yarn and Gifts in midtown Savannah - a lovely green gradient sock yarn in quite a rustic-feeling wool which is sold under the store's private label. I'll have to really give some thought to what pattern will work with this. Might have to be something quite simple.

At New Years I arrived home to find a gorgeous skein of ArtFil Belle sock yarn from my birthday twin Frieda of Restless Needles. It's a really fabulous blend of deep sea blues and greens so now I'm on the hunt for an equally fabulous pattern worthy of this yarn. Right now I'm looking at Sake but I'm certainly open to suggestions! In the meantime I'm just going to gaze at it adoringly :)

In the meantime I have made a start on Dither socks using the December Yarn from the Cookie A sock club... but let's save that for next week's post! Have a great week!


Lucy Bowen said...

Mmm look at that gorgeous yarn! I'm jealous as I have decided I must use my stash instead of buying more - I don't have any that colour!

Becki said...

Well, Gavin picked well. I really like those socks. And the purple pair pictured at the top are just beautiful! Great finishes.

Anonymous said...

Both pair of socks turned out great. That Knit & Stitch yarn is a nice manyly color.

Love the yarn that you bought and that Frieda sent. I think Frieda's yarn will look great in Sake.

Caffeine Girl said...

Man socks take so long -- you deserve a reward for knitting them monogamously. And they match!!!

Ruth said...

I love that there is no pooling in the Monkey Socks, they turned out great and even though Gavin's socks weren't nice to knit the fact he asked after them everyday and now wears them for a non sock wearing person I kind of think that is 100% success.
Love the two new yarns especially the ArtFil but I think that's just because I can see more of it's gorgeous colour. I wish I could recommend a sock but I do like those Sake socks but you know me I love cables and twist stitches and lace, but I'm pretty sure whatever you pick will look great.

Frieda said...

Love both of your finished socks , especially the purple ones . Like you I am not a fan of the Fame Trend yarn for exactly the same reasons . However I did use up one of my skeins to knit up the Holden shawl . I was pleased with the results , methinks it is better for shawls than socks .

I think Sake would be the perfect pattern for the Belle yarn , just be careful of the yardage . I forget what the yardage is on the label , but I do remember wishing there was more . I love your souvenir yarn , beautiful colours !

Gwenyth Love said...

Gorgeous socks, and gorgeous new yarn. I kind of want to take a trip to GA myself now. ;)

Stefanie said...

Terrific yarn loot, awesome Monkeys!