Wednesday, September 2, 2015

a head start

While selecting the yarn scraps for these socks, and while casting on and working the toe I thought I was starting a pair of scrappy striped socks for Gavin... but soon enough he made it clear that these were not the socks he was envisioning. In his imagination the blue scrappy socks were ONLY blue - no white, no beige, no brown, no green. 

*sigh* Looks like these will be my September Vanilla Socks for Charity instead.


Kepanie said...

I like these colors together. Were they too much for him? Oh well, someone else will appreciate them very much when you donate them.

Simply Playing said...

What? Your husband lacks vision me thinks. Those socks look great and will definitely be loved. Where do you donate them too?

Caffeine Girl said...

Men are so funny about socks! I find them to be more picky than women. I love the colors you chose!

Iris said...

Oh no, what a shame. And they look so good in those colours!

I'm sure they will be loved, no matter who will be the lucky recipient in the end. :)