Sunday, September 27, 2015

Year of Projects 5: Week 13

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As it turns out, these In and Out socks were a super quick knit! Seems like I had barely cast on before sock one was off the needles, and sock two wasn't far behind. Of course, with nothing else on the needles I knit them monogamously, so that surely helped. And I was motivated to finish them before I saw my sister this weekend - so that she could deliver them and save me the postage.

The pattern photos in the book didn't do anything for me - the samples are knit in such dark coloured yarn that the pattern all but disappears. Flipping through project pages on Ravelry suggested to me that the socks were best knit in a solid or semi-solid light coloured yarn. I had worried that this Smith and Ewe fingering might be too busy, but once knit it looks fine.

Once again the legs are a bit shorter than I'd like, but this time I did remember to lengthen the cuff. Going forward I'm really going to have to give some thought to adding a vertical repeat to the legs of Cookie A patterns to make the final sock proportions more to my liking. Maybe the designer's feet are tiny compared to mine and the proportions suit her rather than me?

One detail that I really like is the way the heel pattern starts at the center back of the leg and then spreads out and down the heel. No abrupt end to the leg pattern at the start of a heel flap. Nice!

So what's next? I was trying to decide when I saw these Clandestine socks amongst the project pages on Ravelry. Wow, look how nicely the variegation distributes itself in the shell patterns of this pattern. It looks very fluid and interesting! And don't I just happen to have some variegated yarn caked up and ready to knit?! So Clandestine jumped the queue and hit the needles. I'm almost twice as far along as the photo shows and thoroughly enjoying it. Can't wait to show you more of them next week!!


Ruth said...

Oh I do love those In and Out socks! They turned out just wonderful and I love the colour you've worked them in, it shows off the pattern wonderfully. I've added Clandestine to my fav pile as you know I seem to have oodles of variegated sock yarn (don't ask me why I've so much I'm not even sure!) and it is not every pattern it works for but I do love the effect of your variegated on this pattern. I too am looking forward to seeing your progress on these next week.

Lucy Bowen said...

In and out are gorgeous and the yarn you have for clandestine is splendid, love them already!

Becki said...

Oh Wow! I love the color of the yarn you're using for the Clandestine socks. I'm like...totally, utterly, completely smitten.

Kepanie said...

In and Out are lovely. The color is feminine and I like how the cabling is bold on the leg and then unwinds toward the foot. I like this new yarn you're working with. It's like a peacock.

Caffeine Girl said...

The heel on the In and Out socks really is cool. It's fun to see something truly different with socks.

Jane Walker said...

Peacock feet!!! Lovely wool ;)