Sunday, July 26, 2015

Year of Projects 5 Week 4

stretching a size 7 sock onto my huge foot
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For the last week I've been knitting monogamously on the second pattern for the Cookie A Sock Club June shipment  - Revolution Socks. After receiving notice that the August yarn and pattern bundle will ship early, I'm extra motivated to get this pair of the needles.

The pattern is very lacy - which is not my cup of tea - but they're being knit to give away so hopefully the recipient likes the pattern. The right sock is a mirror of the left; I like that. On the other hand the right sock uses reverse yos; I'm not so enthusiastic about those. As warned in the stitch legend, those backwards yos really want to creep across the adjacent stitches to the right of them so you have to slow down a bit to separate the stitches into the correct order.

Why reverse the yos? Here's what Ysolda Teague has to say:

The direction in which the yarn is wrapped around the needle affects the size of hole created by a yarn over. If you are working on a project that has lots of yarn overs between different types of stitches you may want to swatch and alter the yarn over directions so that your yarn overs are of a uniform size.

Haven't we all encountered situations where one or more yos look sloppy compared to the rest of the fabric? Maybe this is the answer? Particularly when a yo falls between a knit and a purl stitch!

Good thing this blog post has me rereading the reverse yarn over instructions from Ysolda's blog .... I've just realized that I've worked everyone of them incorrectly by knitting into the front leg on the following row. Instead those reverse yarn overs must be knit into the back leg to avoid twisting the stitch. And that certainly explains that niggling feeling that I've been having - that the right sock is knitting up smaller than the left. Twisting all those stitches would definitely make it smaller!

So once I finish grocery shopping and laundry, I guess I'll be ripping the second sock back to the cuff and starting over! Oh well, at least I'm not too far into sock two! And thank goodness for another small blessing: sock one just used regular yarn overs.


Simply Playing said...

Your Lacey sock looks great. I've not done too much lace knitting so have never heard of a reverse YO. I am grateful that some designers are into educating as well as selling patterns. I learned how to do steeks from Kate Davies blog - so helpful. Sorry you have to rip back your second sock, but thank goodness you weren't too far into it. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Well.....that was a good thing to find out early. LOL

The first sock sure is pretty! That's a gorgeous color!

Lucy Bowen said...

The first sock looks fab!! At least you didn't get too far with sock two.

Christine Ramsahoi said...

Those socks are pretty but tend to want to agree with you I. The yarn overs... Too many is annoying

Kepanie said...

Oh boy. That's a bit over my head. Glad you were able to find a reliable source and sort it all out. The lace is really striking.

Caffeine Girl said...

I have noticed that some YOs are larger than others. I know I should learn this other method, but it sounds complicated -- especially if even you were doing it wrong!

Becki said...

Doesn't that just make you crazy when you realize you've been reading a pattern wrong? Or understanding something wrong? I can't count the number of times I've nearly given up or decided I didn't like how something was turning out, and then suddenly I read the pattern again and it clicks. I always wonder why I can' just read it correctly (or get it) the first time.

Ruth said...

I know your not crazy about lace socks but I love them and those are so pretty but what a pain having to rip back to the cuff. I completely get the bigger and sloppier yo's though and I must investigate further into what way I do mine, I love that there is always scope for learning something in knitting.

Marsha said...

I love the color of the socks and the design as well. I think lacy socks are wonderful and having the patience to knit this is a gift. Glad you caught on to your 'mistake' before you got too far into the 2nd sock.