Sunday, July 12, 2015

Year of Projects 5 Week 2

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Having spent the past week at a cottage with intermittent slow speed internet I missed posting last week - the inaugural week for this year's Year of Projects. What is the Year of Projects? It's a group on Ravelry where participants prepare and publish a list of goals for the upcoming year, then blog weekly about their progress. I find having a list and being accountable through blogging motivates me to complete my goals. If you're interested please do join here. We're very relaxed - nobody's stressing anyone else out - so don't be intimidated.

In prior years I've selected a book of patterns and then knit through them. But last year, after selecting a book of Cookie A patterns and then also joining the Cookie A Sock Club I came down with Cookie A exhaustion. So my goals this year are to finish the remaining patterns in Knit. Sock. Love, knit the remaining eight patterns from the 2015 Cookie A Sock Club, and knit at least one pair of vanilla socks for The Warm Hands Network each month.

Last week at the cottage I did get a bit of knitting done. My time was divided between two projects - Apollonia Socks and Vanilla Bean Striped Socks. The Apollonia pattern is one of two June patterns for the Cookie A Sock Club. I'm using the club yarn - Knitting Notions Classic Merino Superwash Sock in a really dark and loud purple. Sock one is done and sock two is at the heel flap so I hope to finish these this week. They'll be heading out the door to a coworker who admired the colourway.

For my July Charity socks I decided to knit another pair of Vanilla Bean Striped Socks, this time striping all the pink, red, purple, orange and yellows in my yarn scraps with a creamy white 80/20 sock yarn from Shelridge Farms. Once again I'm knitting toe-up with the plan of an afterthought heel. I'm always astonished at how well all the different scrap yarn colours play together! These are working up awesome!

Have a great weekend one and all - what's left of it. I'm ducking out now for a lunch with family!


Anonymous said...

They ARE working awesome! Cute stripey socks.

I really could DO with being away at a cabin right about now. Did you miss not being *connected*?

Ruth said...

Looking forward to another year visiting you and being inspired by all the socks you manage to knit. I love that shade of purple, it's so rich looking. Those striped socks are turning out great and they all seem to be playing so well with each other!

WildflowerWool said...

Sounds like you have a busy year ahead of you! Lovely socks as always!!

Mona said...

You have a lot of socks to go through. Exhaustion? I love Cookie and I understand. Other than a pair of Monkey socks, I haven't done another pattern by her in over a year. Someday I'll get back to them and perhaps even finish a book too.

I hope you enjoyed your lunch.

Lucy Bowen said...

Oh I love the stripes. Your list for this year looks fabulous and I look forward each week to more socky goodness!

Sam I Am...... said...

So glad you're back for this years YOP! I would have really missed you! The cottage sounds nice and so does lunch with your family. I have no social life...more like a recluse so I have to live vicariously through others! LOL! When I get more of a stash of sock yarn, I would like to make your striped socks. I'm loving stripes right now.
I'm not really into the lace patterns although I think they're pretty I'm happy right now with just the basic sock pattern. I do want to try toe up though and also different heels. I'm hoping to be as good a sock knitter as you someday if I live that long! LOL! Welcome back, my friend!

Simply Playing said...

I love your scrap socks! I just made a pair myself and had so much fun I wanted to do another, but I need more scraps - ha! With so many socks do you gift away a lot? Have a great week!

Becki said...

I amazed those are scraps in that striped sock. The colors all really do look wonderful together.

Karen Greene said...

I really want to knit more socks, but they never seem to make it to the top of my to-do list. Your lovely socks are inspiring me to get back to sock knitting!

Kim said...

Those scrap socks are brilliant! I wish I could knit socks as well and as quickly as you!

Baby Is Boss said...

Love the striped socks! The colors look great together. Can't wait to see the socks you make this year. I love hand knitted socks, but I'm soooo slow at knitting them up.

Kepanie said...

You are determined to nail that book! It sounds wonderful to holiday in a cottage.