Friday, January 24, 2014

FO: Double Thick Socks

Pattern: Double Thick Socks (improvised)

Yarn: Kroy Sock in blue and Zarzuela Fibers MCN Sock Yarn - one strand of each held together

Needle Size: US 5 (3.75mm)

Pattern Notes:

Leg: With two yarns held together, cast on 40 sts and work 12 rds of K2P2 rib. Then work 18 rds in st st, stopping 10 sts before end of final round.

Heel: Work eye of partridge heel across 20 sts for 20 rows ending with WS row, then turn heel...
  Turn row 1 (RS) - sl1, k12, k2tog turn
  Turn row 2 (WS) - sl1, p6, p2tog turn
Continue short rows until all stitches are worked. Pick up 10 sts on each side of heel flap. Work gusset decreases every other round until 40 sts

Foot: Work 24 rds in st st, then work wedge toe. When 12 st remain, graft toe.

Comments: It's the same pattern as I shared a couple of weeks ago on my blog. This is the sixth and last pair of double thick socks I'll be able to complete in time for the January shipment of the Warm Hands Network, and these are my hands-down favourites. The combination of the two blues is really gorgeous in person. I nearly had to wrestle 'em off Linda when she tried them on! I've got a bag of knitted goods that I need to box up and get in the mail today.

It's Finished Object Friday over at Tami's Amis. Why not click through the links to see all the other FOs? You're sure to find more socks. It's -22° C with the windchill, so hand knit socks are exactly what the doctor ordered!


Anonymous said...


Could have used them here last night. Yikes! Those tile floors were COLD!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

they do look great! And nice and warm!

Chrisknits said...

It's 18 degrees here and I am in one of the two pair of knit socks I have left. They were my first pair and are huge, wrong yarn for pattern gauge, but I love them as house socks. One pair is lost, the other pair given away as I knit one sock on a smaller needle than the mate. All my other socks have been knit for my MIL, but then I just didn't want to knit socks anymore. Good thing I can make shawls with all of that lovely sock yarn I bought through the years! Your pair are so cheery and bright.

Jazz said...

Gorgeous socks! Love the color.

Kepanie said...

I need a pair. My feet are cold! Thanks for sharing.

Alittlebitsheepish said...

They look warm and lovely, I am sure the charity will be delighted with them