Saturday, June 29, 2013

a little stash-busting

Yesterday on Ravelry I happened across a post from TriMomma:

Would like to make lap blankets for seniors displaced by the massive floods here in Alberta. Collecting 6" x 6" crocheted or knitted squares. Please message me if you can help.

Clicking on her profile I confirmed that TriMomma is in Calgary AB - on the spot to assemble and distribute the blankets - so I pm'ed her and offered a couple of squares. Shortly after posting she was flamed by other users and her post was locked and archived :(

A quick search of the Ravelry pattern database turned up a number of possibilities for 6 inch squares. I settled on this Flower Granny Square from Silja Devine. There are helpful notes from other Ravellers that clarify some of the pattern directions that aren't crystal clear, but once you get the hang of it, it's very simple and quite lovely. For my two squares I've used up scraps of Redheart Soft Touch and Bernat Satin. Each square took less than an hour from start to finish.

I'll be dropping my squares in the post to Laura today. Now I just hope it stops raining in Calgary. Enough is enough.


Anonymous said...

Your squares are adorable and are such cheerful colors.

Why was she flamed? I see posts asking for that kind of *help* all the time.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Those are cute squares too!

That's too bad people were giving her grief. The internet is a terrible place sometimes.

Kepanie said...

Why were ppl flaming her? Charity crafting goes on all the time. WTH is wrong with them?

Kim said...

So cute,bright and cheerful! They will certainly brighten someone's day. I don't understand why she was flamed and locked down?

Andria said...

I love those squares, they are so pretty!

heather said...

The squares are really lovely. I can see them making a great and treasured blanket for someone.

Why were people flaming her though? I don't get how there could be a bad side to her attempts. Especially on Ravelry, everyone on there thinks craft is important!