Saturday, August 4, 2012

strike two

After frogging the Lotus Heart Socks last week, I looked around in my favourited patterns to find something that might work with this yarn ... something plainer. And decided on this Porifera pattern. It's a toe-up pattern as written on 64 sts, but it was easy enough to convert it to cuff down and add a knit stitch to each repeat to bring it to 72 sts for knitting on smaller needles.

A day of knitting later finds me about halfway down the leg and not liking this yarn any better. RRRRRIP. Too bad because I really like the pattern. As for the yarn? I might try it in a colourwork pattern for my year of projects next. Or maybe, considering how frustrated I'm feeling, I'll just toss this yarn into a time out and move on.

Perhaps the higher powers are sending me a message? Maybe they're trying to tell me to get back to my Ravellenics scarf?


Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Maybe. I think the message is leave that yarn alone! It doesn't seem to be helping you out too much.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That's too bad. My fall back pattern for problem yarn is my Undine. It's hard to go wrong with feather and fan :)

Catherine said...

the colour changes are subtle but look very pretty, perhaps it is more suitable for total plainness and would look good in something in stocking stitch, simple gloves possibly

RobinBrz said...

Listen to the higher power! :)
A time out is good for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a time out does everybody some good. ;-)

Hope it learns to behave because it sure is a pretty color.

Stefanie said...

Oh boy, *hugs* to you. How frustrating! Maybe a time out is needed. I would say colorwork or a shawl for that yarn? But I do say third time at some point should be a charm.