Sunday, January 22, 2012

Year of Projects - Whitby 04

Knitting on the Road: Canada • Canal du Midi • Conwy • Dalarna • Denmark • Friday Harbor • Hiiumaa • Huron Mountain • New England • The Road to Oslo • Santa Fe • Spey Valley • Christmas in Tallinn • Traveler's Stockings • Uinta Cabin • Unst • Whitby

Still another late post for my Year of Projects but at least I've this time managed to post on the correct day. If, after glancing at the photo, you thought to yourself 'well, she hasn't got much done' you'd be right. This week I've focused instead on quickly knitting up vanilla socks from sock yarn scraps in time for the January 30th shipping deadline at the Warm Hands Network. These Whitby socks have taken a back seat for now, but after my Wednesday mailing deadline passes I should be able to return my attention to this project. Maybe I can finish them in time for next week's YoP post?

It's not just these Whitby socks that have been set aside. My Wool-Eater blanket has also been largely ignored. After finding myself short about 20 yards of red yarn last week, I decided to rip out the two rounds of red and re-crochet a bit tighter. Last night I ripped out and this afternoon I finished re-crocheting. Good news: I made it with about 5 yards to spare! Now that's stash-busting!

One more note about my Year of Projects. There's one pattern - Traveler's Stockings - that I have already knit. It's a gorgeous pattern and I wouldn't mind knitting it again but I'm going to strike it off my Year of Projects list. I'm starting to feel a bit impatient about finishing the list; there are so many other sock patterns that I want to knit soon. That being said, I'm still determined to finish. So far I've been pleasantly surprised by how much I like these patterns once I've knit them. I'm pretty sure my patience will be rewarded by the remaining patterns.


Sandy said...

I'm so into your wool eater blanket, am anxious to see it progress. When you say you crocheted tighter, did you change hook sizes? Curious, think I'm so on auto mode, not sure I would be able to change my gauge without changing hooks.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

To crochet tighter, I used the same hook size but I made a conscious effort to snug each loop a bit tighter. Seems to have worked!

Kepanie said...

Oooh! I want to see your Wool Eater Blanket more! Glad the retry enabled you to finish the rounds w/a bit to spare.

Ruth said...

Love the look of your Wool Eater Blanket, now I'd eat something like that rather than crochet ...ahhh the thoughts terrify me, more than socks. I love your sock pattern and oh boy are you right about them being addictive..I measured my other daughters foot and am casting on a pair for her !...I know I said I'd work on the scarf but still.. lol