Monday, November 15, 2010

oddments and other things

With the second Julia sock tucked away for knitting on train trips back and forth to work, I wanted another project to play with on the weekend. Something different. Something fun. Something quick. So I made a start on the quilted centrepiece pattern I purchased at the Creativ Festival last month. Turns out I didn't have a 20x20" square of muslin in my stash, so I got off to a slow start piecing that together. Then, I sorted through my batik fabric scraps and cut the necessary 3x2" rectangles. Next I need to iron two folds into each rectangle before I can get going with the piecing. Different? Yes. Fun? Yes. Quick? Not so much.

But there's some news on the yarn destash front. My cousin, Joanne dropped by for coffee on Saturday morning and mentioned that her son's class was going to be doing some spool knitting. Did I have any leftover yarn that might be suitable?

Did I? Of course. How much did she need or want? Turns out, they'd be happy with whatever I could spare. And I could spare pretty much all the mismatched oddments of worsted weight in my stash. Win/Win! Just when I thought it couldn't work out any better, Joanne asked if I'd be willing to part with my small supply of fun fur and novelty yarn. The kids use that stuff in all kinds of craft projects, she explained, and it's hard to find in stores these days. She didn't need to ask me twice; in the bag it went. One small bag for the grade threes = one giant leap for my destash efforts!


Anonymous said...

Wow, now we can actually close the cupboard door!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Quilting... that's another thing I need to get to before Christmas. I started a quilt for my brother as a wedding gift - I didn't have it done in time for the wedding so I gave them an IOU - would be nice if I could give it to them at Christmas.

Can't wait to see what you do with those blocks!

Caffeine Girl said...

I just love batik fabric. If I were a quilter, I'd own tons of it.

What a great way to destash. Someone needs to need my stash!

One pair of Hands said...

You are brave. It's usually after I've given something away that I discover a use for it. Giving it to young ones to foster their creative efforts would soften the blow quite a bit. And just think - you've made space for the next ball of yarn that takes your fancy.