Saturday, November 6, 2010

finishing Simple SKYPs

Busy, busy, busy ... that's my work life. Yesterday, when I was starting to catch up, I thought I'd duck out for a bite of lunch. "About time" said Andrea, "it's after 3pm." Ouch! The work days fly by.

As a result I haven't had much of a chance to knit. But with the Leafs playing Buffalo tonight on Hockey Night in Canada, I'll have a chance to finish off the second Simple Skyp sock. These two teams are terrible; the knitting may be more compelling than the game.

For the second sock I'm going to try a sewn bind off. If that's an improvement over JSSBO, I'll redo the bind off on the first sock the same way. Once these socks are finished, that's the knitting for one entire family on my Christmas list done. Finally, I'm getting some where with my list!


Anonymous said...

When I first read that, I thought you were COMPLETELY done. LOL

Simple Skyp is on my list of socks to do. Steve picked that out for his socks.

WildflowerWool said...

Wow, knitting for one family done! I have started and I think that I am doing well!

I have always used the Russian cast off and had good luck with it. I have been meaning to try the sewn cast off but in the end I am to lazy to track down the instructions so I end up doing the quick and easy russian cast off, lol!

Anonymous said...

In response to your comment on my blog -----

Yes, that is IdaMae's pet turkey. LOL

Your husband is probably right. The oven is NOT an efficient heater, but then the furnace doesn't make breakfast. So ---- I think I'm okay with the oven for heat. LOL