Saturday, November 20, 2010

the nicest socks

Constructed of mostly K1tbl P1 ribbing, these Julia socks fit perfectly. I can imagine that these'll be the first pair pulled out of the sock drawer after laundry day. They're very wearable - snug around the ankle, snug at the heel and the arch - but never too tight. The pattern is interesting without being lacy, so these socks are also very warm. Aesthetically, I think these are some of the nicest socks I've ever made. Gavin agrees. In fact, when I finished them and put them on my feet he said exactly that: "Those are the nicest socks you've ever made."

That won't be the last pair of Julia socks I make, but with that pair off the needles, it's time to get started with the next pair on my Christmas knitting list - Gentlemen's Socks in Railway Stitch. In fairness, I'm not really following the pattern, but instead, I'm using the Railway stitch pattern in my usual toe up, heel flap and gusset sock. The pattern called for 80 sts - eighty! that's crazy! - but instead I cast on and increased to 70 sts. Still too big! I've ripped that out to retry it with 60 sts. With all these alterations to the pattern I'm calling them "Railway-ish Socks".

You might recognize the yarn colourway - it's Misty Highlands from Wandering Cat Yarns. These Railway-ish Socks will match up with the Leyburn socks I made in August. Now, can I get these done before I leave for Cuba in ten days?


Wanderingcatstudio said...

They are gorgeous! Love the colour and the pattern!

Frieda said...

Sure you can ! It seems to me you finished up the Julia socks darn quick ...