Tuesday, April 21, 2009

top down toddler sweater

The first of Mom's unfinished projects - a top down sweater in a toddler size. The pattern and yarn were purchased at Yarns on York in Fredericton when we were visiting Mark and Patti. And the colour? A rich olive green, one of Patti's favourite colours.

As Patti worked at her first knitting project - a baby blanket - we all looked over the pattern to decide which version Mom should knit. Not surprisingly I was in favour of the first version with plain knit collar, cuffs and body. But both Mom and Patti favoured the third version with ribbed collar, ribbed cuffs and a centre flat rib panel down the front of the sweater. A bit fancier, a bit more involved. So that's what it'll be.

It's a nice pattern that starts with the collar knitted in the round, through a series of increase rows for the yoke, and then the body and the sleeves knit in the round. Not unlike the Taiga sweater I finished just a few weeks ago. Once knit, there is very little finishing. And knitting top down allows you to make body and sleeves exactly the desired length.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the Pro Bono hat is done. I knit this one in a toddler size, and added the pom pom as my own embellishment. Because I came across three sizes of Pom Pom makers in Mom's knitting kit and it just seemed like a nice touch.

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