Saturday, April 25, 2009

more than half way

Only have a couple minutes for a quick post ... because I need to get a cup of coffee in me, shower, dress and get on my way in a hurry. Doors open for the Knitter's Frolic at 9am and I want to beat the crowds!

Lots of progress on the top down toddler sweater. More than half way, I'd say. The sleeve stitches have been put aside on waste yarn as I continue with the body of the sweater. It's not terribly interesting now, with most of the round being uninterrupted knit stitches, but at such a small size it knits up quickly. And looking very sweater-like now.

And, I think it'll be a good size for Edward this fall and winter. I was worried it'd be too small, but the neck is very stretchy - I can probably fit my head through!