Monday, April 20, 2009

finished socks

Mom never wanted me to knit socks for her. Not surprising I suppose - she had to wear compression stockings, so her feet were always hot. But she was always interested in the socks I was knitting. No such thing as short row heels when she learned to knit in the '40s. No self-striping yarn back then either. She hadn't heard of a provisional cast-on until my BYOB market bag. And had never seen grafting with kitchener stitches until we sat together watching the YouTube instructions to complete my Breeze socks. So much new and interesting in knitting these days!

My second simple ribbed sock is done. I'm really pleased with the way this pattern knit up. A very good pair of functional socks. And they fit really well.

Now on the needles is a Pro Bono hat. I knit several of these for the Warm Hands Network last year, but didn't get a picture of any of them for my Ravelry project page. When Mom and I flew to Fredericton at the end of October last year, we each had a Pro Bono hat on the needles. We were worried about whether they'd allow the needles onboard. There was no problem - but we did have to email the baggage handler links for the patterns.

Mom's knitting - books, pattern pamphlets, works-in-progress and her stash - have been passed to me. Over the next few days I'll look through and make a plan. First, finish the things she started. Then, knit some of the things she planned. She'd want me to do that - she was a very tidy person who didn't like things left unfinished.

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