Monday, November 10, 2008

stripey hat

When we got home from Gavin's birthday dinner at his daughter's house, I sat down to finish the second pair of mitts to match the Pro Bono hats. And admitted to myself that I am tired of knitting mittens. So the next project will be the Stripey Hat - to give myself a little break.

In June I made this hat for Nancy. And, erring on the side of caution, I bought two balls of yarn - didn't want to run short. Nancy loves this hat, and so does her sister. So I'm making a second hat for Nancy's sister, using up the left over second ball. It's quite fun to see how the colours stripe as you knit.

Nancy'll be pleased with a gift for her sister. Teresa'll love her own matching hat. And Jane may notice the pattern also shows leg warmers! Might have to add another project to my queue.

1 comment:

Magical Jane said...

I'm wondering how you are coping with the colours changing. And not just beige to brown I see. Hmmm..

Yay leg warmers.