Tuesday, November 11, 2008

outside the lines

Moda Dea calls this yarn colourway "CRAYON" ... and you can see why. As I knit I see colours like maize, burnt sienna, cornflower, lemon yellow and mahogany - the Crayola colours from my childhood.

My memories of childhood colouring are all good, and as this yarn knits up it stirs up those good feelings. Deciding which colour to use where. Sharpening the crayons in the Crayola sharpener. Concentrating on colouring evenly and staying inside the lines. Stepping back to see the black and white colouring book page transformed.

It's going to be a colourful, stripey hat. All this colour and pattern is really "outside the lines" for me. Solid colours, neutrals - that's my comfort zone. But I did want to do something completely different as a break. And surprise Jane.

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Magical Jane said...

Boy oh boy, that IS a surprise. Shocking might be more accurate.

Shocking also to me is that Crayola is up to 120 colours. I want to go back to childhood. (Only you would post the chronology for us)

Something tells me my magenta would still get used up first though. Although, electric lime green - THAT sounds pretty. Bet it goes really nice with magenta. Oh yes - it does - that's my kitchen now.