Sunday, July 1, 2018

Year of Projects 8 - Week 01

Over the last year I've been an inconsistent knitter and an inconsistent blogger so I had some thinking to do before I signed up for another Year of Projects. After some reflection I decided to commit to the group once more and endeavour to be more consistent in my participation.

When I started in Year 1 (2011)  I knit all the patterns in the book Knitting on the Road. I followed up in Year 2 by working through the books Folk Knitting in Estonia and Knitting Vintage Socks. For Year 3 I knit through most of Socktopus and in Year 4 I knit through most of Knit. Sock. Love. For Year 5 I continued with Knit. Sock. Love. plus I worked through the 12 patterns from the Cookie A sock club. In Year 6 I took a bit of a different path - I committed to one pair of vanilla socks from scraps per month and one pair of fancy socks from a different designer per month with mixed results. This past year - year 7 -  I worked from a list of 20 patterns which I wanted to attempt and for which I had yarn in stash. The specificity of the list worked pretty well for me. Despite being an inconsistent knitter and blogger, I completed 15 of 20 patterns from my list.

Which brings me to the upcoming Year 8 and this year's list. My starting point is the intention to knit entirely from stash. So here goes:

2018 Paper Bag Project - July, August, September, October, November and December

Twisted Flower Socks - using Hikoo CoBaSi yarn in Egyptian Blue
Feny Socks - using Lang Jawoll Superwash in turquoise and chocolate
Double Heelix Socks - using leftovers from Feny Socks
Pattern TBD - using unknown variegated red yarn
Pattern TBD - using Songbird Fibers Sock in Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Pattern TBD - using unknown variegated green yarn

Full Skeins from stash

Somewhere Socks - using Mountain Colour mini set 
Pairfect Socks - using Regia Pairfect 
Mood - using unknown variegated blue yarn
Kazak - using unknown tonal purple yarn
Harris Tweed Socks - using Wollemeise self-striping green/gold/red yarn

Large Scraps (more than 50 grams) from stash
Small Scraps (less than 50 grams) from stash

Afshari - Dye-Version Stretch Bamboo Sock yarn in Peach
Salor - in various tan, orange and brown small scraps
Vanilla Bean Striped Socks - in various colourful small scraps
Squircle Socks  -  in various colourful scraps plus something neutral from large scraps
Escape Reality Socks - in various colourful scraps plus something neutral from large scraps
Bill Huggins - in various scraps
Mosaic Marbles socks - using Langwoll Magic Dégradé scraps with black (or white)
Checkbox Socks - using large scraps
Stash Buster Spiral Socks - using various scraps in green?
Hearty Stripey Socks - using various scraps

Even if I manage all those socks, there'll still be leftovers - based on that almost 2800 gram total there's enough for at least two dozen pairs of socks - but if I get even half way through my list it's a good start. A Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf or two are still being considered - they're always popular gifts! The end goal is to knit through most of this before I even consider buying anything else. To that end I have been and will continue to avoid yarn shops and fibre festivals; I'd never be able to control myself! But first things first, I need to finish a pair of socks already on my needles.


Ella said...

I can't wait to see your socks, you knit so many wonderful pairs last year.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Can't wait to see this year's socks.....I have no will power, but after today and the titsoutcollective, I hope to not buy until Rhinebeck....we'll see how that goes!

Sam I Am...... said...

I still don't know what the paper bag project is...I even googled it but it seems to be about saving paper. I love the scarf too. I would give my eye teeth to have all that beautiful yarn! You go girl and I am SO glad you are coming back....I would miss you big time!

Leftycrafter said...

I love the way you have all your yarn measured when it is not a full skein. I bet you will have amazing socks again this year. I always look forward to you update.

Becki said...

Another original YOPper! I love reading how your Year of projects evolved over the years. And your completed projects are really impressive. It seems a lot of us are trying to knit from stash more for the moment. Your scraps look so colorful and fun! I look forward to being inspired by what you make of it. On into Year 8!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it is going to be a very interesting year. I look forward to seeing all the beautiful socks.

Caffeine Girl said...

Your level of organization is impressive. I just knit what I feel like at the moment. I knit consistently, but I rarely work consistantly on one project!

Breathing Life said...

I love hearing the history of your other Yopping years. Such a cool idea to work through a book. Now I will have to look up the paper bag project, but I love your idea of knitting from stash - I did that a couple of years ago and I love the things I created with all my leftovers.

Sharon said...

Love how organised you are! I am trying to use up my stash this year to.

Lucy Bowen said...

Oh what a list. I know you will produce the most amazing socks again this year. Looking forward to it already!

Allison said...

I so enjoy your socks! Sock knitting isn't on my radar but I'll enjoy yours from afar, thanks for sticking around and blessing us with your work. I'm working on destashing myself this year. Hopefully we'll both have a productive year!

Stefanie said...

What a great goal you have for this year's YOP.