Sunday, February 11, 2018

Year of Projects 7: Week 33

  • Yaacov Socks - using Lang Jawoll Magic Dégradé, 25% complete
  • Mojo Socks - using purple unknown stash yarn, 20% complete
Through most of the past week I've been knitting my first Yaacov sock, but my enthusiasm for these socks has flagged somewhat.

First, I'm not altogether happy with the yarn. Although I did purchase the yarn shown in the pattern photo, I did not match the colourway and that has led to some disappointment. The Rainbow colourway shown in the pattern photo has a lot of yellow and dark blue, whereas the colourway I have has orange and brown; it's just not as bright and fun. I'm going to carry on with the hope that the more I knit, the more interesting it becomes.

As well, I'm not altogether happy with the pattern. The ribbed cuff is worked in two yarns - like corrugated ribbing - so it's not stretchy. In fact, the entire sock is worked in stranded colourwork so it's not very flexible at all. It fits so far, but I don't dare make the leg longer and I'm not convinced that the heel cup won't be too shallow. We'll see. I'm fully prepared to give these away if they don't fit me. That'd be easier than trying to modify the pattern to fit, so that's the plan.

No matter, progress will continue. There's some interesting shaping about to happen through the gusset which should be fun. Maybe that will restore my enthusiasm?!

The Plaid socks are done and I'm reasonably pleased with them. They are certainly warm and comfy, although the pattern is nothing special. And they worked entirely through that handspun yarn with just a couple of yards to spare, so that's another point in their favour! I much prefer the look of these socks with contrasting cuffs, heels and toes as compared to the pattern instructions with a 2C stranded colourwork heel flap. Mine have a kind of work sock vibe to them that I quite like.

The Hiya Hiya Sharp DPN needles I ordered have made their way from Alabama to Illinois... maybe they'll get here by the end of the week? Gschnitztal awaits! In the meantime I cast on Mojo Socks. The right sock is written with the toe pulled inside out before working the foot. I tried it, didn't like the look of it, ripped it out and restarted. I also added some stockinette to start the foot as I have very long toes and don't like too much pattern across the top of my toes. It's a very weird looking sock off my foot, but super comfy on my foot so full speed ahead! I hope to work the heel today and maybe have one finished sock to show you by next weekend!


Leftycrafter said...

I really like the color of your Mojo socks. I find it an interesting pattern.

Hopefully those needles will get there soon so you can start the Gschnitzal socks. That is another lovely pattern.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

I LOVE those plaid socks! The pattern jumped into my library! And lo and behold I also have the mojo pattern....hmmm...I think I need to do something about the 11 sock WIPs I have on the needles first!

Becki said...

The Plaid socks are terrific. And I love the yarn in your Mojo socks! So pretty.

Anonymous said...

That purple on your Mojo sock is fabulous!

Sam I Am...... said...

Those plaid socks rock! I love those...probably my favorite of all that you've made. I looked at the Yaakov? socks and they are awesome but look difficult but not for you probably! LOL! The Mojo socks look really comfortable. My only socks are in 'time out' for now. Have a good week! Of course, when you're retired there really are no bad!

Lucy Bowen said...

I too, love the look of your plaid socks, I love the colours. And the mono socks look great. I love the colour and look forward to seeing these progress.

Breathing Life said...

I hate it when I make a pair of socks and then realize there isn't the proper give in the cuff . They are pretty though so if you don't like them I am sure they will be appreciated by someone. They remind me of the slipstichspiral socks I made and I hope you try them again with a yarn you like better and a looser cuff.

Stefanie said...

I like how deep the purple you're working with. Those will be some scrunchie, fun socks.

Caffeine Girl said...

The Yaakov socks are really stunning, but who thought a corregated rib was a good idea for a sock? Someone with very skinny calves, I suspect.
The Layburn pattern is very pretty -- great way to deal with pooling!