Sunday, February 4, 2018

Year of Projects 7: Week 32

The Plaid socks are progressing well but they are definitely a tedious knit. I decided against the colourwork heel written in the pattern going with an afterthought heel instead. The finished socks are quite big and thick, in part because of the columns of slipped stitches within the pattern, and in part because the natural colour yarn is quite thick in sections. I'm guessing that the natural colour yarn is a handspun yarn inherited from someone else's stash - it's very high twist (annoyingly so) and very uneven in thickness. In some sections the yarn was so worryingly thin that I doubled it, but in other sections it felt almost like DK or heavier. All of which explains why the plain stockinette sections of the sock look lumpy. Maybe some washing and blocking will help out? I hope so.

I've never been prone to Second Sock Syndrome, but if there was ever a time for it to strike, it would be with this pair of socks. Immediately after kitchenering the afterthought heel of the first sock I was overcome by an incredible urge to cast on something entirely different. Fortunately I was foiled by not having the needles for the sock I wanted to knit, so I gave myself a stern talking to and cast on the second sock. The big and thick character of the first sock inclines me to think that the finished pair will be thoroughly appreciated by the Warm Hands Network - they specifically request warm, non-lacy socks in larger sizes.

For my 2018 Paper Bag Project Year Long KAL on February 1st I opened another paper bag to find the yarn for Yaacov socks. Hurray! That'll brighten up my February! Now I just need to find the sustained willpower to finish my Plaid socks. I'd dearly love to cast on Gschnitztal but those needles are still in the mail service somewhere. Last time I checked my tracking info they were in Alabama!

What did arrive in the mail from lovely Frieda at Restless Needles was Silk Road Socks by Hunter Hammersen! That was a lovely belated birthday gift; the book is absolutely gorgeous. It's an interesting read about the history of silk rugs by geographic area, and illustrated with stunning photography. Oh and the sock patterns!!!! My head is just spinning!!!! Expect many of these patterns to pop up in my list for Year 8 ;)


Leftycrafter said...

I can see what your talking about on the plaid socks. I would have had a hard time doing #2 also.

I love the February socks. A lovely breath of fresh air.

Breathing Life said...

wow I love both socks - but that self striping yarn is making such a delicious pattern.

Becki said...

Oh my goodness. Just when I think your socks couldn't possibly get more interesting, they do! I love these socks. They're beautiful and fun!

Lucy Bowen said...

Both projects look glorious as always, but the yaacov ones are fabulous (ha - I'm not sure how to spell those but my predictive text wanted to keep putting galactic)

Stefanie said...

You are a sock magician! I love the look of the slipped stitch socks. I saw it and was like wow. Sorry you're not happy with the yarn. Is there a way to adjust the fit of an afterthought heel for higher arches? I use Susan's pattern which has you knit 1-3 rounds before starting the afterthought process. Do you think if I knitted a bit more first that would help? Thank you in advance.