Sunday, January 21, 2018

Year of Projects 7: Week 30

As expected, my Mad Mix Socks are done, and from the moment the last end was woven in these socks have been on my feet. They are my favourite socks at the moment - no contest. And I'm not even sure why; it's not like they're my favourite colour(s) or anything.

Besides, they don't even match! Can you see there on my right foot that I ran out of the most vibrant purple about an inch before finishing that section?! Not surprisingly I couldn't win every game of yarn chicken. That berry red above my ankle? I finished that section of sock two with mere inches of yarn left! Let's count that as super-efficient stash busting.

I will admit that the pattern I used in that section above the ankle was poorly chosen. It has very little stretch to it and ends up baggy during wear. I'm having to pull up these socks a lot. And of all the patterns incorporated, it's my least favourite - kind of meh really to look at.

The middle pattern on the leg is probably my favourite - it's Mad Colour Weave from the sock pattern of the same name. It's fun and easy, and would be a very good choice for a busy yarn, I'd think. I'm not sure it's got a lot of stretch either.

Never mind all that hindsight... they are what they are, they're done and I love them.

So what's next? As I was organizing cupboards I came across a boxed kit from Louet North America - a hand dye your own sock yarn kit. It was my last birthday present from my Mom before her passing, and I've been afraid to attempt it... afraid I'd wreck it, I suppose. But enough time has passed now that it just seems a shame to see it still in the box in the cupboard so I summoned up my courage and hand-dyed my yarn and cast on some Ringwood Socks. More on that next week!


Becki said...

Your Mad Mix socks are amazing looking, so there's no wondering on my end why you love them so. I look forward to seeing the socks you'll be making from your hand-dyed yarn.

Stefanie said...

These socks have a playful air. On mine they're reading for heels; I plan to knit the slipped stitch ones. Can't wait to see your sock dyeing experimentation.

Breathing Life said...

can't wait to see your dying. It will be a lovely remembrance of your mom. Every time I finish a pair of socks they become my favourite.....until the next pair. lol. Yours look awesome - the colours are so cheerful.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

They look fantastic! And just in time too - all this damp, cold weather needs warm wool socks!

Anonymous said...

Those mixy socks look great.

I can't wait to see what you dye up.

Marsha said...

Your Mad Mix socks are fabulous. None of my striped socks match. They are in my shoes so no one but me knows that. I just enjoy the process of making them.

Canhatdly wait to see the next pair you do with your super special yarn.

Lucy Bowen said...

All that matters is that you love them, I think they are fabulous!

Sam I Am...... said...

So glad you love your socks! I am a scrap gal at heart but unfortunately I don't have many sock yarn scraps but someday! I'm getting there! I can't wait to see your hand-dyed yarn. With my socks I didn't even know I was playing yarn chicken! LOL!