Sunday, December 17, 2017

Year of Projects 7: Week 25

Today finds me in that happy place where I've got a couple of pairs of socks on needles, and I'm loving both! First: Mad Mix Socks. These are not so much a pattern but a patchwork of other patterns, where you knit a couple of inches of one colour and one pattern, then switch to a second colour and a second pattern and so on. Switching patterns every couple of inches keeps the knitting interesting. And switching yarns every couple of inches is fun and great for using up those sock yarn leftovers! I've started sock one after selecting a range of purple semi-solid leftovers, but I'm still undecided whether to match that colour scheme on sock two or go in an entirely different direction.

Also on the needles are Brigit Socks. When I came across a full skein of unknown cocoa brown MCN it seemed the perfect choice for the pattern and for the December SolidSocks KAL on Ravelry. After reading through the helpful notes amongst the Ravelry projects for this pattern I've made a few modifications. Like other knitters I shifted the heel to centre the pattern across the instep. And instead of a plain stockinette heel, I decided to continue the ribbing down the heel flap. The pattern is written and not charted, but thankfully another Raveler created the missing chart and shared it - the designer has added a link right on the project page.

It's a sunny winter-y morning here, but the coffeemaker has given up - which constitutes an emergency around here - so we're headed out to pick up a new one, along with a few other errands. Happily the plow went through yesterday so we're no longer snowed in, but I think I'd better stock up on canned goods while I'm out shopping!


Breathing Life said...

oh noooooooo - hope you get a new coffee maker soon. Ours quit working two days ago, but luckily we had a Bodum to fall back up. Whew.

Great sock patterns btw.

Marsha said...

Both of those socks are super cool.

We had to get a new coffee pot this week too. Have fun finding one you love.

Becki said...

The Mad Mix socks sounds like a fun project. They will be wearable knitting samplers! And the Brigit socks are so pretty! Hope you got your new coffee maker. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but when we broke our coffee carafe earlier this year, DH was out the door to the Goodwill store to buy another one the same day. He found a perfect match to the broken one. lol

Anonymous said...

Brigit is beautiful and I've added that to my queue.

We are learning what we need in our pantry. We haven't bought SOUP in years, but it seems like the perfect thing to have on these cold days.

I'm so glad that you have *happy* socks on the needles and plenty of time to work on them.

Stefanie said...

I like the second sock; it's like what one would wear during Pride and Prejudice or maybe even Little Women.

Maria said...

Love both socks!! Especially Brigit - that's been added to my queue.

Merry Christmas! Hope it'll be a good one :-)

Iris said...

Loving the socks, the second sock in particular - really beautiful! :)