Sunday, September 10, 2017

Year of Projects 7: Week 11

Well, that was a long break! We've been a construction zone here at the new place, with work proceeding full speed ahead towards complete winterization and insulation. Turns out I quite enjoy hand digging trenches. Ripping out old soggy and mouse-infested fibreglass batts? Not so much! Anyhow, the infill walls between the concrete piers are finished on the south side and well underway on the north side. With any luck the spray foam guys will do their thing within a few weeks. WINTER IS COMING!

I have managed a bit of knitting here and there too. My Grey is the New Black Socks are done. Gavin really likes them, which is great. I've done this pattern before but this time I was more careful about twisting my stitches at all the M1s, so there are no holes. I'm a real fan of this pattern: it's nicely vanilla, with an interesting heel and perfect for self-patterning yarn. 

Also done are my Almost There and Back Again Socks. I call them "Almost" because I made my own chart for the colourwork with more gradual transitions from one colour to the other. Again, this is a nicely vanilla sock. After knitting sock one, I weighed my yarn and it was clear that I wouldn't have enough if I knit an identical twin, so I reversed the colours. I like 'em this way but Gavin is horrified. "You'll have to knit two more" he said, but never mind. The colourwork on the leg makes them a bit of a tug over the heel, but not too bad. In retrospect it would have been a good idea to go up a needle size more on that section.

Not shown are my Gschnitztal Socks. I picked out a subtle tonal royal purple MCN yarn from stash with no ball band for these socks. Originally I cast on with carbon fibre needles but found there wasn't enough contrast between the dark needles and dark yarn, so now I've switched to shiny metal needles. One round has been worked since the needle switch, and it's definitely easier. If I could find some pointier light coloured shiny sock needles, that would be even better. Hopefully I can show you some progress on these next week.

And finally I have the first three repeats done on the leg of my Crosshaven Socks. I cast these on Thursday while waiting outside my nephew's school for the final bell and haven't been able to put them down. The yarn was an impulse buy - Mineville Wool Project #2909 Sock in a bright tonal orange. Very autumnal, don't you think? It's a heavy fingering, so not really my first choice for socks, but I couldn't resist the colours. Besides, it's a new yarn to me, and it's Canadian, so why not try it?

The Crosshaven pattern is one of several socks from designer Rich Ensor in my favourites. This one has a striking travelling stitch pattern and it looked to me like it might have a bit more ease around the heel than some of his other patterns. It's easier than it looks - although there is a lot of purling - and I'm quite enjoying it. 

For these socks I'm using Addi Flipstix needles for the first time. They are ultra lightweight which I like, but they do seem to bend and distort very easily, which I do not like. One end of each needle is pointier than the other - the idea is that you can choose which end to use - but I find myself always opting for the sharper tip. Time will tell whether the blunter tips will ever find use. They are a slightly matte finish so they're a bit grippier than shiny metal needles but not as grippy as wood or carbon fibre needles. So far I like them fine but I'm not sure they're worth the price.

Through the upcoming week I expect I'll be knitting the Crosshaven socks. And then get back to finish up the other two WIPs before I cast on anything else! But if the weather cooperates my attention will be on construction projects and not knitting. Have a great week, and stay safe if you're in Irma's path!!


Ella said...

Look at all those lovely socks! I think I'm getting sock envy. Really must put Crosshaven on my list, they look so yummy.

Rain said...

The socks look great! I LOVE that orange colour of the Crosshaven socks...and the pattern is really cool. I hope your insulation guys get there on time...winter is definitely in the air!

Breathing Life said...

Oh my all your socks are fantastic and now I have to add them to my queue. I have some addi flipstix which I do like very much - mine don't bend but then mine are 3.75mm I love the fact they have the pointy end and the blunter end. But you are right - they are very expensive and I don't think I will buy anymore. I bought them when I was on a yarn diet and at a knitting event - well, I had to buy something!!

Anonymous said...

All of your socks look great. You sure do some intricate knitting.

I have two sets of the FlipStix. Like you, I think I prefer the pointier end. But, I have some Hiya Hiya Sharps and they are almost too sharp. Sometimes they get a bit stabby.

I've also bent my FlipStix. I wonder if they are hollow. Some colors bend more than others. All of my gold ones are bent more than the other colors.

Marsha said...

Your socks always leave me wanting to see more and more. You are one of the fastest sock knitters I know.

I would like to see the completed construction the home. I hated out remodel but was so thrilled once it was done I wanted to show EVERYONE!

Gracey is not my name.... said...

So funny that you and I came back the same week....I'm always amazed at the speed that you knit socks....although I don't tend to take my knitting with me, as I don't tend to do it. Glad to have you back!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Nice socks!

Becki said...

Those socks are beautiful. And, if I may say, beautifully modeled.

Sam I Am...... said...

How have I been missing your posts? I love all your socks and I like the heel on the one Gavin is wearing...very interesting. Love the orange yarn and the pattern.
Sounds like construction is in full swing at your will be worth it though this coming winter for sure! I love the color work socks that are opposite....surely Gavin was joking? LOL! I think you would like the Chiagu needles with their non-twisting cord and they are metal and shiny (I ran into the same thing with my Karbons with not being able to see the yarn clearly if it was dark) The Chiagu have pointier points than my Addi Turbos too. They're the pointiest needles I own yet they haven't make me bleed like I hear the Hiya-Hiya sharps can do! Will you or do you have a wood burner in your cabin? I would think that would be a must in case the power goes out? What fun! You're going to be so cozy this Winter!