Sunday, June 25, 2017

Year of Projects 6: Week 52

So yesterday was moving day, leaving me surrounded by totes and furniture in the wrong rooms. It's taken most of the day to get the two bedrooms and the living room sorted out (mostly). And finally there's a clear path to my computer so I can write a post!

Still it's nice to have all our stuff here. And it's nice to finally have a proper living room. Over the next few weeks we'll have to cull our excess stuff - we have waaaaay too much stuff - and find homes for this and that.

With all that's been going on I haven't had much time to knit. My first Petty Harbour sock is just past the heel. So clearly these won't be done in time to enter the June KAL on the SolidSock Group on Ravelry!

We did see the birthday boy last week, but, wouldn't you know it, I forgot to bring along the Syncopation socks that I just finished for him. He sounds excited to have the socks. Years ago I knit a pair of socks for his wife, and he told me he keeps stealing them from her sock drawer as they're the only things that keep his feet warm without sweating. I think that makes him knit-worthy, so I think I'll plan a pair for him and a pair for his wife for Christmas. It was certainly nice to hear that my hand knit socks are appreciated.

Speaking of plans, I need to spend the upcoming week putting in some hard though about how to construct my list for the seventh Year of Projects. It's hard to know how to plan, as I don't really know what the upcoming year is going to look like for me. On the other hand, the more concrete and specific the list, the more rigorously I follow it. Hmmmmmm.

Gavin is pacing behind me - we've been invited out for dinner - so I'd better stop here. I hope everyone is having a great week!


Marsha said...

Moving is so stressful. The fact you have 3 rooms almost totally done is a real feat. You are such a fast sock still might finish the socks by the end of the week. Maybe. It could happen. Lol

Excited to see what you choose to do next year for YOP.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the move. The hard part is over. Now enjoy the fruits of your labors.

(Say hello to Gavin from us!)

Sam I Am...... said...

I'm still trying to settle in after 13 years! LOL! You sound like you have a handle on it though. Love those socks and do you always do toe up? I'm noticing, as this year will be a technique year for me....trying new ones. It is fun to plan but then I don't always follow through...ever since I retired I'm really rebelling against structure and deadlines! LOL! So happy for you and Gavin in your new home and yes, your son and DIL sound very knit worthy! Looking forward to another year with you as always!

Lucy Bowen said...

I'm surprised you had any time to knit never mind blogging about it! Congratulations on your move, and I really look forward to seeing your plans for next year.

Stefanie Ng said...

Glad the move went well. Before we had moved from the SF apt to our east bay home, we got rid a whole living room of stuff. Our house doesn't have much storage. The sock looks good; I bet the leg will knit up fast for you.

Becki said...

Your Petty Harbour Sock is so pretty. You make sock knitting look effortless, you know. I would say the "birthday boy" is very knit worthy. How nice to know your hand knitted lovelies will find an appreciative home. Can't wait to see your next year's YOP list.

Breathing Life said...

Those petty harbour socks are on my list for next year for sure. Congrats on the move, and I hear ya about the too much stuff thing. I am glad you got a path to your computer and I am looking forward to seeing your list next week for the upcoming Year of Projects.

Ruth said...

I've missed so much, I'm glad the move went well and you are in your new home. I hope you have many happy years there. Your socks are as always gorgeous and I really can't wait to see what your list is going to look like for next year.