Sunday, June 4, 2017

Year of Projects 6: Week 48

What a bad blogger I've been! It's been a struggle through the last several weeks of moving back and forth. Seems like most Sundays were finding me somewhere without access to a computer and/or internet. I tried blogging from my tablet but couldn't get the pictures to upload. *sigh*

All that being said, I think the worst is behind me. These days we're in Selkirk at Lake Erie pretty much full time with all our gear. We still need to move a couple of totes of small stuff and then the large stuff by moving van from Toronto before the house sale closing at the end of June.

Still, there has been knitting. I did cast on Somewhere Socks in a variety of neutral coloured sock yarn scraps. So far I'm loving them! The colourwork pattern is achieved with slipped stitches rather than stranding which really snugs up the pattern so be warned - cast on a larger size than you think! And all those colour changes will leave me with a ton of ends to weave in but I think this sock is so fun that it's worth it! Knitting this pattern is completely satisfying my urge for colourwork. And don't you find colourwork addictive? I'll be thinking of putting my knitting down and then I think, wait, let's see how the next colour looks.... and then the next, and the next.

Those socks were interrupted by a special request from Gavin's best friend who asked for a pair of hand knit socks in my choice of a masculine pattern in "KLM blue". I was lucky to find this light blue yarn on sale at Studio June's Etsy shop and decided on "Syncopation Socks" - a pattern that's been in my faves for quite a while. It's a free pattern and super simple that knits up to quite an attractive effect. I highly recommend it. I need to get a move on with sock two, as these will already be late for the actual birthday. Not that the birthday boy would know as he's been travelling out of the country for the last few weeks and we won't likely see him for another ten days at least.

Speaking of Etsy, I opened my very own Etsy shop quite some time ago but never really had much time to devote to it until now. I've started adding project bags, particularly bags in celebration of Canada's upcoming 150th birthday. As well I started running an ad on Ravelry in some of the Canadian knitting groups. The response has been overwhelming! I'm thrilled to see things start to take off and hope to devote a lot more time to it. At the moment I only ship to Canada, however, if you really want something let me know through an Etsy conversation and I'll ship it anywhere in the world. And if you want something specially designed for you or you group I can do that too. /end shameless self promotion

So that's it for me this week. In the coming days my focus will be on completing the Syncopation Socks in time for our next meeting with the birthday boy. Gavin is surfing world class waves in Costa Rica next week, so I'll have lots of quiet time to knit!


Frieda said...

Congratulations on getting your etsy shop off and running . Had to order a bag , you can never have enough project bags in my opinion . Especially if you suffer from castonitis , lol .

I hear you re the blogging . I was trying to get back into it too but time and energy are not there . Life keeps getting in the way . To complicate matters further my computer finally gave up the ghost and as you said blogging on an iPad has its issues . Or maybe I just have my limitations . Lately I have been more active on Instagram , short and sweet and easy to use .

Wishing you a wonderful summer , enjoy your new home and happy knitting !

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Congrats on the etsy store! It's a lot more work than people think, but when you love it, it's worth it.

Both socks are looking great.

And no one can blame you for slacking on the blog... life on the lake is too inviting! Enjoy it!

Sam I Am...... said...

Congratulations on your Etsy store! I have been mulling over one for over a year now and it was actually on my to do list this morning as expenses are going up but my income is not! LOL! I wish you much success! I love the color work socks...they look like gradient....very nice! Nice blue socks for the birthday boy too! So happy you are almost done with your exciting and Gavin off to Costa Rica for surfing? Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous! LOL! There's a gal who has a blog, Desire Empire is the name of the blog and they live on the Australian coast and her husband is a surfer also....maybe pro, I'm not sure. Enjoy your new home, your new store and more knitting after the move!

kathy b said...

Love your brown/nuetral socks. I'll check ou the etsy store!

Stefanie Ng said...

Your new place of residence looks wonderful. And ho'omaka'i on your Etsy shop! Do you find it easy to sell there with taxes and postage?

Lucy Bowen said...

Congratulations on your new store and managing your move so well. I love the somewhere socks, those colours are gorgeous.

Becki said...

I love your socks. And am so happy to hear that your Etsy shop is taking off. Congratulations!

Caffeine Girl said...

So much exciting change! I hope the rest of your move goes smoothly!
Your bags are adorable. I've had an Etsy shop for years, but I don't have time/energy to market it. I'm looking forward to watching your Etsy adventure.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the move AND on the new Etsy shop.

The socks all look great!

Breathing Life said...

Love your project bags and I am glad others do too. You are a sock knitter too....they look wonderful.