Sunday, April 2, 2017

Year of Projects 6: Week 40

Things are progressing nicely with my Albert de Moncerf socks - sock one is done (as you can see) and sock two is at the heel. No reason that this pair shouldn't be complete by the end of the week. It's a very nice squishy pattern.

As I mentioned last week, the leg is four repeats - as suggested in the designer's instructions -  which results in a leg that's a bit shorter than I'd like. Although I was tempted to add another repeat, I held off since I only had 90 grams of yarn to complete the socks. That turned out to be the right decision... my finished first sock weighs 43 grams so there won't be much left over when the second sock is off the needles.

Although the pattern looks a bit involved, it's really quite simple and easily memorized. There's a bit of cabling - just enough to keep it interesting but not enough to slow you down or make the fabric inflexible. All the rest of it is just knits and purls. It's the first sock pattern from designer Caoua Coffee that I've ever knit, but it certainly won't be the last. It's very well written. The fact that I made no mods whatsoever to the pattern tells you something, doesn't it?

At the same time I was scanning through the Ravelry databases looking for a pattern that would show off the variegation in my new skein of Zen Garden sock yarn. Seems to me a simple pattern, like Fidget which uses slip stitches to break up pooling, is a good choice to make the best of all the interesting variegation. And doesn't it make an interesting textured tweedy pattern?

This is another free pattern. It's a pretty simple knit but I suspect it's going to be pretty yarn hungry. That's why I decided to knit it toe-up as written, rather than convert it to cuff down. Working toe up I can finish the leg as soon as I get to about 45-50 grams used. In this case though I have already modified the pattern. I added one increase to begin the top of the foot so that I could add a matching purl column at the right side of the chart to mirror the left side.

All things are coming up green here, including my knitting... must be spring!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you are into your greens!!! Both sock patterns are beautiful.

Stefanie Ng said...

I like how you're workin' with these greens. I really like the Albert sock. The texture is amazing. Can't wait to see more of this new sock.

Sam I Am...... said...

I love both of those sock patterns and even faved them! (pretty brave for someone who is on her 3rd or 4th try at Hermione's Everyday Socks which seems to be easily done by everyone except MOI! LOL!) I love that Fidget pattern too for using if you're afraid of pooling....nice to have a pattern like that. I can tell you are yearning for Spring with your green yarns but they are gorgeous and although I can't wear it next to my face, it is one of may favorite colors! Have a great week and I hope Spring is right around your corner!

Becki said...

Wow. The pattern on the Albert de Moncerf sock looks so cool. It looks like a maze!