Sunday, March 26, 2017

Year of Projects 6: Week 39

Shortly after publishing my post last Sunday I went ahead and cast on Albert de Moncerf socks. It's a lovely pattern and I'm enjoying it tremendously. Did I mention it's a free pattern? I've turned the heel and started the gusset decreases on my first sock. If I'd had my druthers I'd have added another repeat or two to the leg, but this is the leftover Red Sock Blue Sock Basic Sock yarn after supplementing my Crest socks so I'm afraid I'd run short if I started down that path!

Life got a lot busy again towards the end of the week, so not much more knitting got done. A bit of stash enhancement did happen though!

This lovely skein of Zen Garden Serenity 20 came to me in a trade. I met someone named Amy in my painting class, and when she discovered that I knit on Facebook she offered to trade yarn for a couple of my small paintings. So it turns out that Amy is Amy R Singer. Small world, huh? She's absolutely lovely! And she can write-off yarn purchases as a business expense. Now that's living the dream! Time to swan through the sock pattern database to decide what to knit!

While at the Purple Purl I also picked up these four balls of Jawoll Superwash sock yarn for Feny socks. I didn't think I'd get away with a 50 gram ball of each colour so I went with two of each. I expect there's gonna be a lot leftover. I'm still in two minds though about whether to knit matching socks or fraternal twins by reversing the colour scheme. Opinions?

In other news, spring isn't here yet but we're expecting double-digit temperatures next week so it's not far off. I CANNOT WAIT!

That's it for me today... must run now, I'll catch up with everyone later. Have a great Sunday!!


Lucy Bowen said...

Mmm I love those socks and the way you photograph them is great. Do you have an assistant?! Really love all the new yarn and looking forward to seeing what it becomes.

Breathing Life said...

That Zen green colourway is gorgeous. Good work on your sock. The fit looks perfect. I love the feeling I get everytime I turn a heel. It is magic every single time.

Stefanie Ng said...

That was a cool trade! How neat to meet another Raveler in a painting class.

Becki said...

I confess... I did not know who Amy Singer is. So I googled her. She looks like a fascinating person. And her Autopilot socks look exactly like the kind of sock I should try if I ever get it into my head that I should make socks. ;^) So cool that she bartered her yarn for your paintings. So very cool.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I'm starting to suspect that not many people realize that she is the founder of Knitty and the author of four knitting books!

Anonymous said...

If you really would wear "crazy", I would totally switch up the colors. Wouldn't THOSE be fun socks!

Love the ones you are knitting and that pattern got put right into my files.

Happy knitting!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Oh - those are great socks! Right into the queue!

So you've "sold" some of your paintings already! That's awesome!

Marsha said...

The socks look smashing. I also really like the acquisition yarn. I think the two colors together would be quite stunning. How exciting to meet someone that is 'famous' in the knitting world. That is still a dream of mine.

kathy b said...

The sock and pattern are a PERFECT match. Great job