Sunday, May 10, 2015

Year of Project 4: Rhombus 01

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Not much to show on Rhombus yet, but jeez is this pattern something else!!

M1L, M1R, M1L-purl, M1R-purl ... did you know there were so many ways to make one? I didn't, but I guess I'm gonna be an old hand at all the variations by the end of this sock! Hopefully by the end of the next repeat I won't have to google to remember exactly how to do each. And maybe, just maybe, I'll find a trick to make M1R-purl less fiddly and time-consuming.

Let's not focus on that though - there's that slip 2 to a cable needle and leave at the front, slip 2 to another cable needle and leave at the back, knit two through the back loop craziness that pops up six times on every 14th round. Now that is fiddly! And I'm not holding out a lot of hope that I'll get any quicker or more efficient with it!! The upside is that I'm knitting the sock on size 0 (2mm) needles and I have lots of them, because after all 3 needles holding stitches + 1 working needle + 2 cable needles =  SIX NEEDLES. Seriously!?!?

I like to think that I do my homework by reading through the project notes of other Ravelers before I cast on ... looking for hints about whether they knit up small or large, checking for errata and watching out for any other helpful tips ... but in this case maybe I should have looked at how many of these projects were frogged. Because there's a lot in that category!

Never mind, I'm gonna keep a good thought and count on those Ravelers who remarked that it got easier as they went along. It's got to, right?


Christine said...

God for you... Taking that pattern on... Positive thoughts are with you!

Anonymous said...

M1L, M1R, M1L-purl, M1R-purl - do-si-do and swing your partner!!!! ;-)

Keep at it -- you'll have a beautiful socks when you are done.

Stefanie said...

Pretty! That would drive me crazy but I understand once you get into the rhythm, it's like automatic pilot.

Caffeine Girl said...

If there's anyone who can plow through these socks, it's you!
I do love the twist at the bottom of the cuff.

Lucy Bowen said...

You'll do it, and yes, of course it will get quicker!

Charne said...

Good for you sticking to it...I don't think I wold do that for a sock ;-)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Yup - you've just turned me right off this pattern - it's lovely (and you're got great yarn) but it's just too fiddly for me!

Unknown said...

I admire your decidedness! Keep it up, they do look beautiful.