Sunday, November 2, 2014

Year of Projects 4: Socktopus finished!

SOCKTOPUS :  Farmer McGregor

KNIT. SOCK. LOVE. : BFF • Clandestine • Cusp • German Stockings • Gothic Spire • Hedera • In and Out • Lissajous • Marilinda • Mona • Monkey • Pointelle • Rhombus • Sake • Stalagmite • Stricken • Thelonious • Twisted Flower • Wedge

Finally done! Not just the Farmer McGregor socks, but the entire Socktopus book. And yes, I did finish before the final deadline for the Socktopus KAL by about 28 hours. I updated my little GIF so you can see every pair of socks in this book.

Now, what to say about this book? Would I recommend it? Well maybe, with some qualifications.

Almost every pattern will knit up too large unless you are a crazy tight knitter. In almost every instance I went down a pattern size and down at least one needle size ... and I have BIG feet.

A couple of the patterns I would definitely NOT recommend. Om Shanti for instance is not very stretchy, and is designed with a shallow heel flap and an inflexible cuff. If you can tug them over your heels, then they might fit okay, but I can't imagine they'd be comfortable in shoes. Caretta Caretta has beads throughout - I skipped the beads on the instep, and probably should have skipped them altogether. Spring Shoots are one of those designs that seems to be all about unusual construction at the expense of comfort and fit .... and another inflexible, non-stretchy cuff.

Kwalla - with its bulky cables  - fits much better if you modify the pattern to drastically decrease when transitioning from cables to stockinette. It's the sock shown on the book cover, and look, it doesn't fit the model either!

On the other hand, though, there are some real winners in the book too. Shur'tugal, Mince Pie Mayhem, Hundred Acre Wood, Vorticity and Farmer McGregor are all pretty awesome as far as I'm concerned. And if you knit every pattern, you'll likely encounter some new cast-ons and heel constructions so that's kinda fun.

If you have the book, or are considering buying it, you should also be aware that there are numerous errata. Check Ravelry notes before starting any of them. You will also discover that the lines demarcating the repeats on the charts are very faint - I needed good light and reading glasses to see them. As well, don't be thrown off by the row and stitch numbering on the charts - it doesn't line up. And personally, I think they should have the socks made to fit the feet they photographed them on. It is a book of sock patterns, after all!


Gracey is not my name.... said...

I have the book, but have not knit anything from it...I also have Indie Socks..And I think I might start knitting some from there...

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I started to knit Hundred Acre Wood twice, but just couldn't get it to fit right. Totally put me off the rest of the book.

Christine said...

Rumpled is in my list of sock patterns to do. I have many of the patterns.... Had the books out from the local library for a while. I really love your run down of it though! Thanks for doing that!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing the book it's such a great achievement and I love that there is always something to learn. I've enjoyed seeing some of the socks more than others from this one but I reckon they are the ones you liked but what I really liked reading about this year was how you adapted each pair to make them fit, I wouldn't know where to start so this for me was wonderful to learn and read about.

Lucy Bowen said...

Well done - I have so enjoyed reading about your progress. I have the book and will take your advice and read your notes and those on Ravelry. Thank you.

Stefanie said...

You have passed on some valuable 411 for sock knitters out here.