Sunday, October 26, 2014

Year of Projects 4: Farmer McGregor 02

SOCKTOPUS :  Farmer McGregor

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Four weeks later and I'm not much further ahead with the second Farmer McGregor sock. I did cast on sock two, and I did knit all the way to the top of the heel flap, and it was then that I realized I'd made the second sock at a larger size. Seriously?! There was no chance I'd have enough yarn for that.

It took a few days for me to build up the courage to rip out the entire leg of sock two and start again at the correct size. After re-knitting the cuff and the first few pattern rounds, sock two languished for weeks. As well as a ridiculously busy spell at work, my remaining waking hours have been spent getting the softcover version of my brother's novella "A McAdam Station Christmas" printed and delivered, not to mention designing, typesetting, formatting and finalizing a hardcover book "McAdam Railway Station and Hotel: Fact, Fiction & Photographs" for printing release and sale before Christmas. Car trouble, a flu bug and roofers have only added to the craziness.

Happily, the softcover book was delivered in New Brunswick last week - just days ahead of the pre-launch and launch events. And I uploaded final files for the hardcover book to the printer at the end of last week. Early this week I'll have eProofs to review and then hopefully we can get the books printed and delivered by the end of November. Fingers crossed that sales are strong and lots of money is raised for the restoration of this amazing landmark!

Car trouble meant commuting back and forth to work on transit - the perfect opportunity for some mindless knitting. For the Seasonal Sock Syndrome KAL hosted by Revelations of a Delusional Knitter, I settled on a pattern called "October Leaves". It's a simple toe-up ribbed sock with a colourwork band at the top of the leg. A ribbed sock was about all my exploding head could manage. As written there was also a colourwork section to begin the foot, which I skipped, and the colourwork was meant to be four colours not three, but I shortcut that too. The socks turned out beautifully, and are super comfortable, so that's another thing on my to-do list accomplished.

Oh, and the car? I had shut off the engine in the line-up at the Costco Gas Bar, but when the line ahead of me started to move, the car wouldn't start. You can just imagine how patient the drivers in line behind me were!! The lot boys helped to push the car to the parking lot. It was Sunday morning of a holiday weekend, so there was no chance of finding a dealership or auto mechanic to look at the car. My step-son-in-law and my step-daughter tried jump starting the car, but determined that it wasn't the battery, but probably the alternator, or more likely the starter motor. It's a standard transmission so we push-started the car so that I could drive home. We push-started it once more so that Gavin could take it up to the garage on the following Tuesday, and left it with the mechanics for most of the day. By late afternoon they found a frayed ground wire that was causing the trouble. Not a mechanical problem at all! Isn't that the thing with all the electronics in today's cars? Always something to go wrong! Oh well, that was the cheapest thing, so I'll count myself lucky.

Here's hoping that things are back on track now! With luck - and providing the rain holds off - the roofers should finish our row of townhouses next week. Gavin works nights, so he's quite sleep deprived with all the hammering and banging through the day. I'd better run to do some grocery shopping and some laundry. It's my BIL's birthday this week, so we're hoping to catch up with him later today for a bit of a celebration. One way or another I'd better find time to finish these Farmer McGregor socks! The KAL ends on Friday - this is the last pattern of the entire book, and I'd hate to blow it now!


MagicalJane said...

The McAdam work looks amazing, I'm sure they are very glad to have your talents focused on this great cause. In sock news, I love your autumnal shot of the autumnal socks. Very nice!

Maria said...

Wow, those colourwork socks are GORGEOUS! Well done :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my you have been busy, all that made my head hurt. I'm sorry about the McGregor and hope you get them finished in time for the KAL and best of luck with the book and the launches, I hope sales are high. I love the October Leaves, the touch of colour is just lovely.

Lucy Bowen said...

October leaves look simply splendid and I love your mods. Great to hear about the book, hope that all goes well.

Anonymous said...

You've had a crazy week. Hope this week slows down a bit so you can finish your socks.

I love the ones you finished. Such a beautiful pattern and color.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Wow..crazy week! I had car trouble with a flat tire about 2 weeks ago...the first place I pulled into pumped it with air and sent me to a tire place....still loving those socks...the October Leaves look great! I think I was part of that KAL..but well..."squirrel"....

The book looks great! Good luck!

Sam I Am...... said...

Besides Farmer MacGregor. The McAdams Station and books were the first thing to catch my eye! I love your socks but a beautiful old building in a snow that's eye-catching! I think I lived in big, deep, snow country in my last life. Nothing thrills me like being inside during a blizzard with a warm fire, and lots of great food, books, and yarn!
Okay, I'm sorry, I got carried away but I so miss the North.
You did have a terrible can't be that bad next week. I got so used to ripping out and starting over that it really doesn't bother me unless there's a deadline which I try not to have any of those since I retired. I love the raspberry colored socks too. Yes, you must get your KAL done as you have been ahead the whole wouldn't be right. I hope you have a great week this coming week to make up for the last one!

Caffeine Girl said...

Oh dear, you've had quite a week! I feel for Gavin. I need my 8 hours!

The McGregor socks are so pretty -- really worth the frogging on that second sock.

Congrats on the book!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Naturally, I'm partial to the Farmer socks... but those Leaf socks.... LOVE!!!!!

Hope your life gets back to normal soon and Gavin can get some sleep.

Anonymous said...

Glad your back and with those lovely leaf socks x

Stefanie said...

What a striking cover for your brother's work. You are a patient sock knitter and so advanced.