Friday, June 20, 2014

FO: Vanellope Latte Socks

Vanilla Latte Socks by Virginia Rose-Jeanes

Yarn: Twinkle Cat in "Vanellope Von Schweetz"

Needles Size: US 00 (1.75 mm)

Modifications: Changed heel construction to an afterthought heel to keep the stripes perfect

Comments: You may have noticed the name of this yarn colourway - Vanellope Von Schweetz - it's named for a character in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph! It's a self-striping yarn that knits up to match Vanellope's own socks. So cute!

The yarn also has 5% stellina content so it twinkles. This is my first experience with stellina and it's been pretty positive. I've made quilts from metallic fabrics which look nice but are not very soft. With this yarn, there isn't a huge amount of metallic content so the softness of the merino is relatively unaffected. Sometimes you can feel a kind of tinsel-y feeling on your needles as you're knitting but for the most part, the stellina is almost undetectable. But my goodness does it twinkle! There's no missing that!

For a self-striping yarn I generally prefer a fairly vanilla sock, and this Vanilla Latte pattern was just the ticket. A bit tedious to knit however; miles and miles of broken rib. They're very nice to look at though. When Jane unwrapped them at her birthday supper she exclaimed that these must be the most gorgeous socks I had ever knit! If you've seen Jane's Etsy Store - Christmas is Magical - you'll quickly realize that Jane is a huge fan of glitter and sparkle, so when I saw the yarn I knew who was meant to have these socks.

These socks were actually finished almost two months ago, but Jane often reads my blog, so they've been a secret until now. I also need to send a big thank you to the ladies at Wandering Cat Yarn. As soon as I mentioned on Ravelry that I wanted some natural colour twinkle cat yarn for the afterthought heels and toes, they were all over it. Rhonda had a package in the mail to me within days. How awesome is that?!

Happy Friday everyone! We've got beautiful sunshine and it looks like a gorgeous weekend ahead. I'm hoping to get out on my Paddle Board for sure!


Gracey is not my name.... said...

They came out great! I'm knitting that pattern right now...I'm on the foot of the first sock...

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Your Vanellopes look fabulous!

And I too was thrilled with our Twinkle yarn when we first got it. I'd tried Dream in Colour's version (Starry) and while the sparkles were nice, I wasn't fond of the yarn itself - very rough.

Barbara at Knitting | Work in Progress said...

You're on quite a roll! Another delectable pair of socks.

Anonymous said...

I love how the afterthought heel lets the stripes stay intact. Very pretty socks!

Congrats on another beautiful finish.

Anonymous said...

Oh, they are adorable! I have used the Vanilla Latte pattern too, it's very straightforward.

Kepanie said...

Oh we love that movie here. That character was a great underdog. This colloquy reminds me of what I've been seeing all over Ravelry, Robin egg blue and red. Glad they will be cherished.

Jessica Solinsky said...

Those are fantastic socks! I've shied away from metallic yarns because of my concern about how they will feel while knitting and wearing the object. I do love the color though! I wish I could see them sparkle!

Michelle said...

I love the colors and striping in the yarn! I haven't seen the movie to make the connection, but that's pretty neat too!