Friday, May 2, 2014

Finished Object Friday

deceptively simple on the outside
Pattern: Fronkenshteek by Lisa Grossman

Yarn: Twisted by Studio June Yarn, in a "Medium Aqua" colourway

Needle Size: US 1(2.25 mm)

Modifications: The pattern was written for non-superwash wool which would readily felt at steeked seams. Because I was used superwash wool I machine zigzag stitched to reinforce my steeked edges before seaming.

Comments: Although it took me a couple of weeks from start to finish, much of that time was spent waiting for the right moments to do the finishing - good light, no interruptions, patience and courage ... that sort of thing. The actual knitting was mostly plain stockinette knit in the round so that was done very quickly.

Turns out steeking, grafting and semi-grafting aren't that hard with practice. And the sock provides plenty of opportunity for practice. In fact I even had the opportunity to learn how to pick out an incorrectly grafted seam and regraft it! The Yarn Harlot has spoken about "knitting fearlessly" and this pattern really pushes you to do just that.

scarier on the inside
The socks fit are snug across the instep, but otherwise fit beautifully. The heel result is not dissimilar to an after thought heel, and as with that heel construction, I find the heel cup quite shallow. Admittedly I have pointy heels and a high instep so I should have anticipated that I'd need more ease, particularly as I chose to knit the small size for a snug fit for my narrow width feet. The designer advises that higher insteps can be accommodated by knitting a few more increase rounds on the "Ace Bandage" section and I'm pretty sure that would have worked for me. On the other hand, it's possible with all those seams and grafts criss-crossing the top of the instep that the fabric will relax a bit after a wash or two, and a wearing or two.

Truth be told, I didn't have enough yarn to consider much modification. The pattern indicates 350 yards for the smallest size so I figured I could sneak through with my 400 yard skein even after knitting a longer foot. I did sneak through with maybe 5 yards to spare. If I'd have known it would be that close I would have left smaller yarn tails :) But I was blissfully unaware until I got to the very last stages. Phew!

It's Friday ... Finished Object Friday ... and it's been more than a month since I linked up. I can't wait to pop over to Tami's Amis to see what everyone else is showing. I'll link up once she has posted and then see you there!


Barbara at Knitting | Work in Progress said...

Kudos to you! The perfect combination: Beautiful yarn, lovely stitchwork, interesting pattern.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

They turned out great!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting construction plan. I wonder how many people make more than one pair? Would you do another?

Delusional Knitter said...

Amazing! I am very impressed with your work here. They do look very cool. And as you said, great practice for the steeking and grafting.

Kepanie said...

You are a dauntless explorer forging ahead in the sock realm. My gosh. Steeking in sock knitting. That's a first I've head of that.

Rachelle said...

They actually look really good, not sure I'll ever make them but I can admire yours without any problems at all.