Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things done on Thursday

look familiar?

After I wove in the last end at the thumb of my Susie's Reading Mitts I pulled them on to get ready for the photo. I fell for this pattern based on the main feature photo on the Ravelry pattern details page so with my mitts done, I decided to stage a similar photo. Another little crazy stunt that Gavin helped me out with.

As you can see in my photo - and in the original photo on Ravelry if you're paying attention - the stockinette sleeve of the mitt is quite loose fitting. That's the only thing I'm not keen on. Other than that, I'm really happy with the pattern. Picot edges give a nice finish to the cuffs and the hand openings. A simple eleven row lace pattern that adds visual interest. And the length of the hand and thumb are actually perfect: long enough for warmth but not so long as to impede functionality. No surprise then that my mitts are the five-thousand-and-eighty-third project  made with this pattern as logged by Ravelry. 5083! Wow.

There won't be much time for knitting for the rest of the day. Instead, today needs to be all about sewing. There are four table cloths to complete for tomorrow. I made a start on them yesterday so I should be able to complete these in a few hours. The biggest challenge is finding a large enough work area to spread the fabric for cutting and pinning. With the sewing machine out yesterday I took a minute to sew up a little side project - a neoprene case for my Kobo Vox. A few days ago I spotted a likely looking neoprene pencil case at Dollarama. A quick cut with a rotary cutter to shorten it, a new hem and voilĂ , a Kobo Vox case for $1.25. Now that's crafty!


Alittlebitsheepish said...

Your mitts look super, but I think I have to agree that the loose fit would not really be my thing, I would maybe work them with ribbing somewhere in there for a bit of snugness. Good luck with your sewing projects

Chrisknits said...

Love them!!! I need to bookmark that pattern for future use. Right now I am in baby hat hell or heaven, depending on the day and the yarn!

Anonymous said...

I like the mitts. They look like they'll keep you toasty warm this winter.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Mitts look fantastic! I am so making a pair now!