Friday, November 25, 2011

peace and quiet

such a variety of cards!

For the first time in three weeks we awoke to an empty and quiet house, and how nice is that? It's been great having guests and our vacation was great, but it sure is nice to be home and back to our usual routines. I expect that there'll be more consistent knitting and blogging in the days ahead. Is it too late to start Christmas knitting?

Gavin and I both agreed to keep this weekend free for relaxing and catching up on household chores. There is an odd assortment of groceries in the kitchen to munch through - fancy cheeses, crackers and breads, dips and condiments. Sounds like we'll be grazing instead of eating proper meals for a few days.

There's also a most interesting assortment of wedding wishes cards decorating our dining room - from exotic Chinese cards and envelopes, to traditional pastel and foil-stamped North American cards, with a liberal sprinkling of hand-made cards. On my to-do list this weekend is organizing photos and thank you notes for friends and family who put the "special" in our "special day" two weeks ago. Has it been two weeks already? I guess the honeymoon is over and we're old married folk now!


Anonymous said...

Commenting on you comment on my blog:

We did multi-color last year. I prefer the white along the roof line and over the weekend will probably add some colored lights to the holly tree.

I just have to FIND them in the pile of lights.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwww...that's so sweet! I remember the early days (32 years ago! LOL)

Enjoy your new found quiet and all the goodies.

Have a great weekend.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Wow - two weeks did fly by!
I hope you enjoyed every moment of it!

Delusional Knitter said...

It does go by fast, I was just thinking its been 2 months for us ... its actually been 14 weeks! Congrats to you!!

suse-the-slow-knitta said...

the cards look lovely!