Saturday, October 8, 2011

some like it hot

I put that sh*t on everything

If a beer bottle can have a sweater, then why not a hot sauce bottle? This week I'm shopping for an extra large bottle of Frank's Red Hot - ideally about twice the size of the bottle shown. And as soon as I have that I can cast on a Team Canada hockey jersey adapting this pattern to fit. The actual logo looked too fussy and detailed to work in miniature so I opted to order an embroidered badge instead. It should work, right?

Hopefully it does work, because the plan is to make a second sweater - a South African rugby sweater - for a bottle of Jalapeno pepper sauce. His and hers, as it were.

But as I ponder this I can't help but wonder .... is it a hockey sweater? or a hockey jersey? There's a heated debate about just this dilemma. I'm leaning towards "sweater" myself.


SillyLittleLady said...

Hahaha how cute! Those will be awesome. And I'm voting sweater also because of the material and technique.

Dee said...

I'm leaning towards sweater too. To me a jersey is that heavy-weight nylon garment the players wear.

Can't wait to see you finished SWEATER!!!

Magical Jane said...

To me it's a Hockey Jersey - that has been knit - but regardless of the name, I think it's fabulous! Your sauce will be hot - AND warm. LOL