Wednesday, December 16, 2009

suddenly mittens

My plan was to finish the emergency sweater and the Popsicle socks, and then see if I had time to knit some mittens. But after rewinding the skein of Cascade 220 while uploading files for work I had an urge to cast on. And then I got carried away. The pattern is very simple - a ribbed cuff, mostly stockinette hand with a centre cable on the back of each hand and an afterthought thumb.

This is my first experience with Cascade 220, a workhorse yarn among Ravelers - used in over 40,000 projects so far. Why so popular? It's available in dozens of solid and heathered colours, it's well priced with generous yardage, and the stitch definition is very good. I'm happy enough with it for these mitts, but I doubt I'd buy it again. For the amount of time I spend knitting, I'd rather knit with yarn that inspires me.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Ive never knit with 220 but my best friend swears by it. The mittens look lovely

Frieda said...

The mittens are gorgeous . Thanks for the link to the pattern . Now you're becoming an enabler too !