Wednesday, October 28, 2009

sock delays

Early Tuesday morning we set out for Nova Scotia looking for some good surf. And were sadly disappointed. It seems I'm "wave repellent". Reports are that the surf was great Sunday and Monday, until it died Tuesday when we arrived. Hmmm, isn't this exactly what happened last year? So we bailed and spent the afternoon and evening in Halifax. It was cold, almost everything was closed for the season, but at least the hotel was nice. And they did a very nice complementary breakfast as well.

On the drive to and from Lawrencetown and points in between I knit another cabled hat. Couldn't help but feel that my styrofoam head was looking a bit cold. And these big bamboo needles are far less likely to slide out of my knitting to fall to some unreachable spot below my seat in the car. Besides, there's been a little mishap on my Pomatomus socks - I've realized that I completely messed up the chart for the top of the foot and had to rip back almost to the gusset. Hmmmm. Might be wise to put that project aside for a day or two!

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