Friday, October 9, 2009

more frog-like

The toes are fiddly work ... I lost patience after the first foot and skipped ahead. But the body is a wonder of short row shaping and slanted increases and decreases. This is a clever pattern! I learned more new tricks - KLL (Knit Left Loop) and KRL (Knit Right Loop) thanks to this helpful online tutorial. It's becoming very frog-like now, no doubt about it.

And I've anted up for Furnace Wars 2009 - a contest on one of my Ravelry boards, based on this old blog post from the Yarn Harlot. In our household it's a matter of honour to see how late into the Fall we can go before turning on the furnace, and how soon in Spring we can turn it off again. Participants ante up yarn, post when they give in and turn on the heat, then send the yarn to the last person without heat. I was pretty confident until someone posted that they lived over a laundromat! Yikes!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Frog is looking great!
I'm trying to hold out until at least November to turn mine on. I'm keeping the switch off in the basement so it's a little more work to get it going. Dave never has a problem, he doesn't feel the cold, but I am always wrapped up in blankets and sweaters. It's a good thing I knit!

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

the frog is looking fab!
I would be no good at furnace wars - my blood is like icewater...

Frieda said...

Love the frog , it's coming along nicely !

The heaters come on sometime in November . We heat with electricity and a couple of years ago changed all our old heaters to the newer energy efficient ones. Added some programmable thermostats and actually reduced our monthly electric bill .Hydro Quebec had a rebate if you changed 7 more or more thermostats so it was a win /win for us.

Here it's not the cold but the damp that 's the problem. Thank God for warm woolies !