Sunday, April 1, 2018

Year of Projects 7: Week 40

In progress:
  • Merripog Socks 50% complete, using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Turquoise & Life in the Long Grass Sock in Storm
  • Rrribb-it! Socks - 0% complete, using Lizzie-Anne Yarns Sock Set in "Blue Jeans" 
Not yet started:
Completed: Petty Harbour Socks • Vanilla is the New Black Socks • There & Back Again Socks • Crosshaven Socks • Somewhere Socks • Tuxie Love • Brigit Socks • Crenate Socks • Mad Mix Socks • Ringwood Socks • Hearty Man Plaid Socks • Mojo Socks •Yaacov Socks • Leyburn Socks • Gschnitztal Socks

Week 40! WOW! This year is flying by. For the past week I divided my time between the MKAL and my Merripog-inspired socks, making significant progress on both fronts.

First, the MKAL... Clue 3 was release last Friday through which we worked the gussets and heels. Both options used German Short Rows which I was keen to try. Turns out, I've done a German Short Row heel before I just didn't know the technique by name. The German Short Row heel can be worked toe-up or cuff-down across any number of stitches. In practice it strikes me as very similar to an FLK heel, except that you turn "YoYo" stitches around the needle to begin each short row instead of working "Twin Stitches". The result is similar too - a nice neat heel with no holes and no picking up of stitches. What was new to me in the MKAL clue was combining this method with gusset increases and decreases. It's simple enough to do and it overcomes my usual complaint with the shallowness of the heel cup created by a short-row heel. In the MKAL we worked 12 increase before starting the short rows and the fit is great.

Clue 4 of the MKAL was released this past Friday, but I'm back on the sidelines. I like the Cable and Lace patterned sock but I don't like the spiral toe that it started with. There's a really nice transition from the foot pattern to a wider cable pattern across the instep opposite the heel. That being said, the cables are pretty lumpy on the top of the foot and the pattern binds somewhat around the heel. I think I will knit the leg for this sock - at least one repeat - to see how it looks and await the cuff.

As for the colourwork sock, I don't like anything about it and can't bring myself to spend any more time knitting it. The garter stitch toe is awful and does not fit whatsoever. The colourwork on the foot is very simple and a bit fussy. I don't like the garter stitch heel either, and don't even get me started on the smocking pattern across the top of the ankle... added bulk there is not really terribly comfortable or attractive. This sock will definitely be frogged; I'm just awaiting the final clues before I do it.

In the mean time I cast on and completed one Merripog inspired sock. It's very vanilla, too much so. It's a very boring knit. I'm also reminded that colourwork around the leg of the sock tends is questionable idea - that's exactly where your sock needs the most stretch. Oh well, they're pretty enough and they'll be done by next week.

And last but not least, it's April 1st so I pulled out my next mystery paper bag project. I tore open the bag to find this Sock Set from Lizzie-Anne Yarns. I'm excited to start Rrribb-it! Socks with this; I can use the mini-skein to incorporate some of the colourplay suggestions from the pattern. This should motivate me to finish Merripog!


Leftycrafter said...

Wow......I do not think I would like those bulky cables on the top of my foot either. And smoking starting at the ankle does not make sense. Of course it doesn't make sense to me for there to be color work at the toe of a sock where no one but the wearer will see it. That is a lot of extra work not to be admired.

Sounds like you will have a busy week frogging some socks.

Anonymous said...

If you aren't enjoying the sock OR it's not going to fit --- ditch it. #knithappy

Wanderingcatstudio said...

i like the look of the yarn in your mystery bag!

Lucy Bowen said...

I guess at least you learned about the heel with the gusset and short rows even if the rest leaves a little to be desired! Hopefully the next pair will be satisfying.