Sunday, March 18, 2018

Year of Projects 7: Week 38

Most of my attention this week was focussed on Gschnitztal Socks, and after numerous false starts and much ripping back I've finished one sock to my satisfaction. My apologies for the photos; this yarn photographs very oversaturated particularly in the yellow/orange tones. You'll have to take my word for it - the colourway is very pretty, and not as harsh as the photos suggest.

There were lots of mods to get to this result. The twisted stitches draw in A LOT and are VERY inflexible so the sock is difficult to fit. The pattern as written works five 13-st repeats around the leg for a primary stitch count of 65 sts. Even after shifting up two needle sizes I couldn't make that work, so I added a repeat for a primary stitch count of 78 sts. Crazy, huh?

Although sock patterns typically allocate half the leg stitches for the heel flap, that was just too much in this case. Besides the pattern has separate narrower charts for the left and right edges of the instep which I wanted to incorporate because I though they added more interest to the pattern. After stringing a lifeline - just in case this was all a terrible idea -  I worked the heel flap by ribbing in pattern over 33sts, leaving 45 sts for the instep. Still sounds crazy, right? Fortunately it worked out as the pattern really draws in.

After working three repeats on the foot it was necessary to add some patterned rib rows to lengthen the sock before starting the toe. Not quite enough length for another full repeat though, and it's probably just as well not have all those twisted stitches across the top of my toes. Truth be told, I miscalculated this the first time too, so I ripped back once more to get the length right. After all the work in getting to that point, why not perfect it? Another repeat on the leg would have been nice but I'd have run out of yarn for sure! To start the toe area I worked a decrease row to shift from 45 sts to 30 sts ... did I mention that I continued the gusset decreases to bring the sole to 30 sts for a snug sock?

It was hard fought but what a pretty sock! I've already cast on sock number two and now that all the mods are figured out, it should be smooth sailing. As you can imagine, I'm also pretty good at working these twisted stitches... with all those restarts on sock one, I've had lots of practice!

Aside from Gschnitztal, I also devoted some time to Clue 2 of the "On the Other Foot" MKAL which was released on Friday. With each clue participants receive two options for the next section. In this case, foot option one is a cable and lace pattern, and foot option two is a stranded colourwork pattern.

The cable and lace option is very nice, although I have some reservations about it. I personally don't like lace for socks, so there's that. Will a 7-stitch cable down the centre of the instep be comfortable inside a shoe? Doubtful. And the large size is the same chart as the small and medium with added purl stitches on each side, resulting in a 5-stitch purl gutter down each side of the instep. Yuck! I don't like wide purl gutters so instead I've repeated the mock cables on each side to extend the patterning out to each side of the instep. Then there's that spiral toe - I'm still not a fan. It fits better than the toe on the colourwork sock, but not as well as a traditional wedge toe.

The stranded colourwork pattern is cute, but feels very fussy to me. Honestly, I feel like I'm knitting a Ukranian Easter egg. I'm tempted to halt the stranded colourwork and finish the foot as a vanilla sock. And I'm seriously tempted to cut off that garter stitch toe that I strongly dislike and rework the toe as a wedge toe.

But more than that I'm undecided about whether I want to complete either sock or make a finished pair of either pattern. With that in mind, I've put both socks in time out to await the release of further clues. Perhaps the reveal of the heel and leg patterns will make my decision for me.

That's it from me this week. There are 14 weeks left in this Year of Projects and I've got 8.5 pairs of socks to go. Doesn't look good, particularly as my knitting mojo feels at a bit of a low ebb. Maybe some spring weather and sunshine will help to perk things up?! Here's hoping!


Marsha said...

You amaze me with how you are able to figure out how to adjust your sock patterns so they fit perfectly. I love the "G" socks. They turned out lovely. Your mystery grey socks are pretty. I like the cable up the middle. I would never have thought about the fact it could be uncomfortable in a shoe. The color work sock even looks like a Ukranian egg LOL. I like it but could see how it could be quite fiddly.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

It did turn out pretty and I congratulate you for staying with it and all the hard work. Doubt I would have done it..I can't see those cables being comfortable....can't wait to see how the next clues turn out...good luck

Stefanie said...

What a sock! The fiery colorway and the pattern are terrific. Makes me think of an ancient relic guarded by dragons that spit ferocious fire.

Becki said...

I think the colors in the Gschnitztal Socks photographed beautifully, so I can easily believe that the colors are even prettier in person. :) What a gorgeous pattern. Only 14 more weeks of this year's YOP?!? How does the time go by so quickly - every single year?

Anonymous said...

All of the socks look great, but if you aren't enjoying knitting it isn't worth it.

I must say I do love the pattern on those purple socks, but you are probably right. They won't be very comfortable in shoes.

Stefanie said...

LOL, I think for we, Harry Potter fans, we can't help but hear that line in Hagrid's voice. I'm going to check out the books you mentioned! I didn't know you read fantasy and dystopian. Very cool.

Allison said...

I love the details in your socks! They will be too pretty to be covered up by shoes. You have a great mind to be able to make the socks work for you. Lots trial an error I imagine, great that you stuck with it and ended up with a beautiful pattern.

Sam I Am...... said...

You have the patience of a saint! You should design socks instead of having to correct other's designs. The cabled socks are gorgeous but whoa Nellie...they would have gotten thrown in the garbage if I had to fiddle like that although I don't know how so that's a big part of it! LOL! I'm loving the color work socks for sure and I have a love for cables. I'm still wondering what to do with my Christmas Eve cast on socks where I was doing both concurrently and ran out of yarn. I hate to rip them out but I think I will and get yarn for contrasting heels and toes so maybe I'll have enough yarn. It must have been DK yarn and not fingering. I hate toe up but I may have to do toe up for these. What do you think as you are the 'sock guru' in my book! Have a great week!

Lucy Bowen said...

All of your socks look amazing, but quite rightly if you won't enjoy wearing them, it's not worth it. I do like the lifeline - just in case.