Monday, December 26, 2016

Year of Projects 6: Week 26

The good news is that the MKAL "Not Bothered By the Cold" socks are done. I finished them up on the evening of the 23rd, leaving myself enough time to wash, block and dry the finished socks before wrapping them up and gifting them on the 24th. They are pretty socks but all that stockinette makes the legs a bit baggy and saggy in my experience. But pretty socks nonetheless and I think Barb is going to love them. And if you're wondering, yes the socks are too small for me as shown in the photo, but Barb's feet and legs are much thinner/smaller :)

The bad news is that my Thornfield socks are not done. I'm more than halfway down the leg of sock two so I should finish by the end of this week. Time will tell whether I see the intended recipient before that. The original plan was to drive out to the Lake today but the police are closing highways in every direction because of severe icy road conditions from freezing rain, so that plan has been cancelled.

The revised plan for today is laundry, painting and maybe some quilting. Those who follow me on Instagram know that I've been painting my way through the book "50 Small Paintings". With any luck I'll complete painting #47 today and get started on painting #48. I'm motivated to finish the 50 paintings soon for two reasons: I got another painting book for Christmas, Acrylics Unleashed, and, Gavin bought me an eight week course of painting workshops at the local art centre starting in mid-January. Very exciting (and just a little intimidating too)!

As for the knitting plans, the list looks like this:
• finish Thornfield Socks
• finish Crest Socks
• re-cast on Twisted Flower socks
January/February MKAL in SolidSocks group on Ravelry
January "Botany" theme KAL in SolidSocks group in Ravelry
• re-cast on black/grey ribbed socks for Gavin
• knit Albert de Moncerf socks for Warm Hands Network

Feels like I'm being overly ambitious... I guess we'll see what happens! Happy New Year!


Breathing Life said...

Your plans sound great. All those socks! You should share some of your paintings with us too.

Cyra said...

Oh yes, they ARE lovely socks in such a soft shade of pink and will be well received I'm sure.
Sorry to hear that your trip to the lake was cancelled, brrrr, I don't fancy that icy weather at all, hope it warms up for you soon, but the quilting sounds like a good alternative.

Becki said...

Those socks are just beautiful! And I love the soft pink color. Thank you for linking to the video about the book, 50 Small Paintings. I am intrigued by what I saw and I imagine going through that would offer insight into color and design as well as the technical aspects of painting. Sigh. So many creative things to experience. So little time...

Anonymous said...

Those socks are beautiful and so feminine. Congratulations on the beautiful sock finish!

Happy new year to you and Gavin! Hope that 2017 is a great year.

Sam I Am...... said...

I didn't post this week on YOP but you pop up on my blog list so that's good! Your friend will love those socks. I never was a pink person but now I am...go figure? I had no idea you were into painting but obviously you are since you are on painting #48! Practice makes perfect! I took a Bob Ross class since it was available for free from the local art club and I enjoyed it. I have about 6 paintings hung up in my hallway. I have always dabbled but never seriously. It sounds like you are serious! You go girl! I didn't know you quilted either...would love to see some of both!
Enjoy your class.

Stefanie Ng said...

I like that stitch pattern; it's kind of Nordic or Scandanavian in a way.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Those socks are beautiful!

Lucy Bowen said...

Your socks are gorgeous, I love the colour and I'm sure they will be well loved. Your paintings are lovely - I take it you are continuing after the 50?

Marsha said...

The socks are so pretty. I am impressed that you paint too. Post photos of your painting. I for one, would love to see it.