Sunday, April 19, 2015

Year of Projects 4: Hedera 01

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As I told you last week, this is not first go around with the Hedera pattern. I cast on a pair a couple of years ago from the pattern on Knitty, but I didn't like how lacy they were knitting up and ripped them out.

Fast forward a couple of years ... just as I'm considering casting on Hedera again I stumble across a forum post on Ravelry where a knitter asks for advice about closing up the YO holes on either side of the spine on a triangular shawl. And when another knitter suggested working the YOs through the back loop on the next row I knew I had my answer. I just can't believe how well this little trick has worked! I love these Hederas now!!

It's a very easy and easily memorized four row pattern, but very effective! I worked the leg up to the heel flap on 2.25 mm needles and then switched down to smaller needles for the rest of the heel and the foot.

My socks are posed in my front garden where you can see the first new growth of my daylilies. If the weather continues warm and sunny things will green up in the garden pretty quickly. Can't wait for t-shirt weather and leaves on the trees!


Caffeine Girl said...

The socks are so pretty. What a great trick.

Daylilies! I can hardly wait.

Christine said...

Those socks are looking great! I am sure you will be wearing them next time I see you!

Kepanie said...

I will have to remember that trick. Hedera are perfect for this spring. That's a nice, mossy color.

Anonymous said...


Now you will have a pair of Hederas you love! :-)

Lucy Bowen said...

They look gorgeous and they pose so well next to the daylilies!

Kim said...

Wonderful sock and knitting trick! Love your Daylillies--but I won't show you how far along mine have come already this Spring-I don't want to make you jealous. ;)