Thursday, March 19, 2015

FO: Stalagmite

Now this is a long overdue post! I'm thrilled to announce that my Stalagmite socks are finally off the needles! My Ravelry project page tells me that I cast on in mid-December, so these socks have been hanging around for just over three months! Not the pattern's fault though; I just kept putting them aside to get other things done.

Fortunately I knit the pattern without modifications which made it a lot easier to find my place back each time I picked them up again. And fortunately, I still love the pattern! It's very "chart-y" and very "cable-y" which makes it slow-going and mindful knitting, but the result is beautiful. As I should have guessed all those cables make the fabric pretty sturdy and inflexible, so they knit up small. They're too snug for me, but they'll make an ideal gift. When I first started with this yarn I was worried that the variegation was too busy and that it would overwhelm the pattern.  But I persevered and in my opinion it's all worked out just fine. The pattern is bold enough to handle the busy-ness of the yarn. It's Sock Luck yarn in a colourway called "Wisdom" - a lovely mix of blues and greens. Go ahead - click that link to Studio June's Etsy shop! She's having a Spring Sale with 40% off everything!

And how nice to see some sunny day pictures, huh? Although it's still pretty cold (-8° this morning) there are definitely signs that Spring is coming. The days are getting longer, the snow banks are receding, most days we get a degree or two above zero and the sun feels warm. Hurray! Spring!


Anonymous said...

Oooooooooooooo....those are PRETTY ones!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That is a long time for you and a pair of socks! But they look great! Well worth the time and effort!

Stefanie said...

My 10 year old wrote her "The History of..." report on knitting. She says these socks remind her of something from the old days that she saw while researching.

Tahnee said...

Stunning socks!! I'm pretty sure I have some sock WIPs lying around that are way before December, I'm ashamed to admit..